Well, the big derby with PAO is this Sunday. Scocco will be fit to play for this one and while I’m not his biggest supporter lately, I hope he puts on another display like when we played Oly.

Apparently, Gilberto Silva might be injured for the game. That could be some good news for us if it turns out true.

Many sources here in Greece are now saying that it is quite possible the LIBEROPOULOS could return this summer! Sure, he’s older now, and this may be his last year of football coming up but the guy is a legend, loved by the fans, knows what it means to play for AEK, and could still make a difference on the pitch, even at this age.

Kozonis is apparently very interested in the Basketball team. Hopefully it’s true, it could be a chance for AEK to return to being one of the best teams in Greece and Europe.


One Response to “News”

  1. I hope Liberopoulos comes back for another year,even at his age I think he will still do well for AEK and the fans will have something good to look forward to for the new season.

    Hopefully all our financial issues can be dealt with quickly and be resolved in time for AEK to start to new season fresh.

    Finally I think we can suprise PAO this weekend,lets just hope the boys lift for this derby like they did with Olympiakos…

    Original 21 Sydney

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