Some updates

Firstly, before anything else I’d like to post a video my cousin back in Canada made. It’s a video which contains some pictures as well as a few videos, the kind of scenes which make us proud when we look back on them as well as give us hope for the future.

So, the official debts have been released and the numbers were alot less scary than some of the rumours we heard a few weeks back. It’s around 32.5 million Euros which actually is what the current shareholders have been saying all along. Add to that the fact that we shall soon be receiving large amounts of money from Television deals and other sources, it’s really a bearable number.

Kozonis has also returned! He said he will step up and provide the 15 million Euros the shareholders asked for providing the debt was what it was said to be. Well, that has been proven to be the case so it looks like he may be helping us out now. He’s also interested in the Basketball team which would be great news!

Scocco, Tachtsidis, and Alves are all injured and will be out for this weeken’s match against PAS Giannena (the team that just knocked Atromitos out of the Cup). Not good news, especially Scocco, but we can still manage, though Giannena are a tough team despite their low standings.

A number of players have been told to either look for new clubs or they may likely be loaned out. Some of these players are Pavlis, Iordache, and Juanfran. I personally wish we’d just get rid of Juanfran. I can’t believe we still pay him that ridiculous contract and he does nothing for the club. Unfortunately, when he was asked to terminate his contract he (obviously) said no.


7 Responses to “Some updates”

  1. This whole Kozonis business is kind of odd. I don’t really get his intention. Selling Pavlis would be a HUGE mistake. Why not sell Leonardo instead? I cant stand that kid. Bayevic, if you read this, get rid of him!!

  2. I’m not sure of Kozonis’ intention either but hey, he’s tried once, and now he’s trying again and he’s settling for only being a shareholder rather than complete owner. His intentions must be good, he knows this is not the greatest time to get involved with AEK but he’s still trying. We’ll see about him…

    Leonardo must go, simple as that. He holds the rest of the team back when hes on the pitch.

    I agree, Pavlis should be held on for another year. Don’t forget, we also have Burns who is top scorer in the second division and is really helping Kerkyra out. I think a year of getting used to Greek football in the second division will do him good.

  3. Wow Alex, I am hounered to ave my video up here. Thanks so much. This is an amazing site. Did you do it alone?

  4. How about Nsaliwa, he has not been playing lately and he is not injured…are they looking to release him?

  5. I hope Kozonis comes to AEK with good intentions and not like the others who came to feed their own pockets.I hear good things about him and then bad at other times so dont know what to really think I just hope he cares for AEK.

    Nathan Burns would be great for AEK I hope they get him back and ready for next season as he will be a huge asset to the team.As for the players to go,I honestly wouldnt know where to start but I would get rid of Leonardo,I havent watched all of AEK’s games but the ones I have watched and he’s played,he hasnt impressed me that much.I would keep the younger Greek boys coming through for another season because they have talent and good ability,but I think they need to be taught more especially when it comes to decision making in our final third.

    As for Bajevic,I love him as a coach and know he can do great things with any team he coaches (as he’s proved) and I know he loves AEK from his heart but at the moment I dont know if its him or everything surrounding the club but it just seems his hearts not in it like it used to be.I hope he stays,because if there is a coach I would love AEK to win our first title with in over 10 years it would be with Bajevic.

    Finally I am positive we will finish in the top 5 this season so when it comes to end of season and the playoffs arrive we may even suprise a few teams along the way.

    Original 21 Sydney…

  6. No problem Philip. Nah, I didn’t even actually start the site, that honour goes to Mike, known on here as AEKBaltimore.

    Tony, unfortunately, Nsaliwa is also one of the players the team wants to unload. Something I cannot understand! Sure, he’s no superstar, but he’s certainly not a bad player, and can always help out, at least until summer. I’d much rather loan Makos out and see Nsaliwa play instead.

    Aek11, no matter what we head, I’m sure the guy must care for the team. He know’s this is the worst time for AEK, as well as the economy, yet he’s still trying so hard to take over, he clearly has some good intentions. How quickly those intentions would change if he takes over I’m not sure.

    Burns is doing great, I can really see him getting alot of playing time come this summer’s friendlies, hopefully he will impress there and we can see him regularily next season. He clearly has talent and potential.

    You are right though I think, lets keep the Greek guys, especially Pavlis, who deserves a little more opportunities. After next year, I’d say its time we start considering unloading him if we see little improvement. After something like 22 games, he’s only scored 2 goals afterall.

    It’s true, people around Dusan (including his niece, who is a classmate of mine) say he has been very down lately. He will stay though, at least until summer. The guy deserves all the respect he can get though, not only because of what he’s done as a coach, but also considering he hasn’t been payed since summer and has also recieved much better paying offers to coach Anorthosis and his country’s national team.

  7. Great video Philip! I’ve downloaded it, and will link it on my hyves site (something like facebook)
    I think it’s time for Kozonis to show the money. Great news that he also cares about the basketball team (for me just as important as the football team). Guess we wait and see.

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