Just about more of the same…………….

Another draw and another 2 points thrown away in Thessaloniki on Saturday night against Iraklis.We took the field with the same team that beat Olympiakos 2 weeks ago with the exception of Georgeas taking over from Karambelas at right back.Aek started the game at a furious pace with Blanco’s long range effort after 15 seconds stinging their goalkeepers hands.Infact both forwards looked sharp as Djebbour was also proving a handfull.While we were not creating classic chances,we did control possesion and the tempo for most of th first half until ex AEK player KONE,beat Manducca to the ball,turned Georgeas and fired a blistering shot into the top right hand corner of Arambatsis,who had no chance.Unfortunately due to technical problems,i couldn’t watch the second half,but Djebbour did score a beautiful equaliser,beating 4 men on a run just inside the goal line and finishing with a great shot.However his joy turned to all of our despair when he missed a penalty in the 87th min by trying to be too cute and chipping the ball.It sailed over the bar.Highlights here:- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SFpnzAnGq7c

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