Happy New Years Everyone!

So, 2010 is now here. A whole decade has gone by once again, and while the decade did have many down points, there were some very memorable moments for us AEK supporters.

AEK365 has some videos at the bottom of the page showing some moments we will never forget. Some of the more memorable moments for me from this past decade were the following:

-The 1-0 victory against AC Milan. This was the first season I started following AEK seriously and this was also my first Champions League that I watched live. The stadium was filled and certain scenes will always remain in my memory including the many saves Sorrentino made that night, the crowd’s reaction when Julio Cesar scored his goal, and Dida clapping at the crowd when we applauded him after going off injured (I swear he looked straight at me)

-The 4-0 victory over Olympiakos was also a fantastic experience to see live. Tension was high at the beginning of the match but we started strong and the whole crowd was feeling optimistic. Blanco had scored that first header and before the smoke had even cleared from the flares of the first goal Edinho scored the second. What a fantastic night… the singing didn’t stop until long after the game and even when I was in my home I would still hear fans singing out on the streets.

-The final game of that same season when we beat Tripolis 2-0. Many fans including myself went on to the pitch after the match (many had gone on even before the game finished). We were almost certain the Championship was ours (to me it still is).

There were many other fantastic moments of this decade as well even though I may not have been able to experience those ones. Some of them include:

-Our good performance in Champions League when we were in a group including Real Madrid and Roma. We got draws every at every match, which is not bad at all considering the opposition (this was an absolutely superb Madrid). We also became the first team to come back from being 2-0 in Madrid and end up tying the match.

-Champions League in 2006-2007 where we got some good results as well though the away draw against Anderlecht will always be the game I remember from that year (after the Milan game). We managed to come back from behind and even things up with the score (the passion showed from Cirillo showed just how much that meant). We thought we were through to the next round until we heard that Milan had lost to Lille.

Well, I only really started following AEK in the 2006 season, so if any of you guys have some moments which meant alot to you be sure to post them!

Despite all these great moments however, this past decade saw us affected by many unfortunate times. Our situation in 2004 was pretty terrible and we only managed to keep the team up due to some legal procedures which managed to get us some money back from previous owners. However, despite Nikolaidis reviving the club and bringing us to some new heights (before the fans turned on him for various reasons and before he quit as team president in 2008) we have just recently experienced what has been, without a doubt, the worst season in AEK’s history. We currently pretty much have no leadership, players who aren’t being payed on time, a coach who hasn’t been payed for months and fans who have lost all trust in the board and players and there is very little hope among the fans. We currently sit in 8th spot and have already lost more games than we have ever lost before in one season.

I don’t know if 2010 will bring us some better times or if it will just be downhill from here. Only time will tell I guess.


4 Responses to “Happy New Years Everyone!”

  1. AEK Baltimore Says:

    Happy New Year to you! You’ve done a great job running this blog, and all of us AEK fans owe you a huge debt. My new year’s resolution is to help you out by trying to post more (but its hard now that our nova streams have been cut off!.

  2. Happy newyear to everybody here! And thanks a lot for keeping this site up and running. Great source for non-Greeks like me.
    And cheer up! New year, everything will go better in 2010. We only need passionate and capable board members, a long term philosophy, a good coach that will stay a little longer than one season, more spectators and a lot of money. What’s life without a challenge? 😉

  3. AEK Baltimore, don’t worry about it. I can only imagine how busy you must be, it can’t be easy to find time. I’m gonna be back in North America for Uni next year, its going to be hard to keep the site updated as much, at least here in Greece every second radio station is talking about Greek Sports.

    I can’t believe they cut off the Nova streams now that I’m finally going back. Hopefully whichever school I go to there is a Greek Cafe near by somewhere.

    KGB, I really hope what you say is true. I really do. Of all those things you mentioned, we had most of them at one time with Demi who was passionate (though maybe not as capable), Ferrer (who somemay not like but still, we went very well in Champions League with him and it was him that set up our championship winning side in 2007), the spectators who have given up but at one time were giving AEK the best attendance in the league, and the money which we raised from season tickets, merchandise, CL (but who knows where all that went). But hey, if we can start getting a couple of those things back then who knows, maybe we’ll see a better AEK.

  4. Hopefully it all turns around starting tonight against Olympiacos.Djebbour is back,don’t know if this will mean anything but he must be hungry so fingers crossed and Happy Aek Year everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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