Some Unfortunate Events This Week

We lost 2-1 to Benfica yesterday in a game which made no difference to either side (Bate beat Everton 1-0 away). The funny thing here, however, is despite this match meaning nothing to AEK (except a little pride) we saw some pleasing football from our players.

Benfica hit the post on a penalty early on which kept us in the game for quite a while but our luck didn’t last too long as Benfica scored two goals (the first one took a nasty bounce though Saja still should have been able to save it) without response from AEK. However, we kept the pressure on and at times we had total control of the match. This led to many chances including an agonizing post by Hersi and a missed one on one with Kafes. Eventually, one of our chances did make it in the net, with Blanco scoring the goal. It wasn’t anything special but at least it was a sing of the old Blanco we know (the one that would get the ball in the back of the net no matter what).

So, we got nothing from this game, but at least we saw some promising football. Whether we will keep up this football, however, is another question.

So, now for the worse news. Firstly, Goumas, one of the shareholders of AEK, gave up his shares to the Amateurs, which now means they have 44%! He also gave them 1.5 million euros to ensure that the players get paid.

Thanopoulos was insulted in the lack of trust they were showing towards him and has now resigned.

The players were all sick with a stomach virus (Makos was throwing up in the locker rooms at half time yesterday) and now it looks like many of them wont be able to play on Sunday against Tripolis. AEK is trying to get the match postpned so we will have to wait and see what happens there.

So, a pretty terrible week is coming to an end right before the holidays. Let’s see if things get any worse in the upcoming days.


2 Responses to “Some Unfortunate Events This Week”

  1. if goumas has so much money to give to amaterus how come he gave up his shares?

  2. Ali, I know about as much as you do 😦

    we’ll only know what’s really happening once this whole mess is over, if it does ever end.

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