AEK 3-2 Levadeiakos

Not the greatest quality, but heres a video of the goals:

So, 3-2 against Levadeiakos (who currently sit second from last) when we had a two goal lead. Not good enough. Even in our terrible state we should not be giving up two goal leads to teams like this. But, nonetheless, we got the three points and we now move up to fifth, thanks largely to PAOK who drew with Kavala as well as Panionios who drew with Larissa, and Aris who lost at home to Tripolis!

Arabatzis played keeper today (Saja wasn’t brought to the stadium today) and played a great game in the second half, making two incredible saves. Unfortunately, he couldn’t stop the first Levadeiakos goal, but the second one was not at all his fault.

Our defence was weak today, very weak. Levadeiakos had many chances on goal in the second half, all of which resulted from sloppy defensive errors (mainly Majstorovic and at times Jahic), as well as a post. We were lucky it was only two against us in the end, but I don’t know how we can continue if our defence doesn’t tighten up. We play like this next week with Tripolis and we will be humiliated, simple as that.

However, Karabelas was still fantastic. His defending is solid, as well as his positioning and the runs he made. Hopefully he continues improving like this, he is improving every match and is one of the only players with smiling about.

Manduca also had a great game. Aside from his two goals, he contributed alot to the team in general. He certainly deserved the MVP award he recieved though it also could have gone to Arabatzis and perhaps Tachtsidis.

Blanco didn’t have a good game. Plenty of chances on goal for him but he never managed to get the ball in the back of the net, though he came close on one shot which I believe was with his left.

Leonardo had a decent game. At least it was better than normal, though he is still putting far too much power into his crosses at times. I don’t know if he is nervous, but we all know he is capable of better.

The referee was absolutely terrible. Unfortunately there aren’t more highlights available but three calls were made which should have been made differently. Firstly, on the second goal for Levadeiakos a foul should have been called.Sure, Majstorovic dove, but there was still contact. Secondly, there was collision between Karabelas and a Levadeiakos player which resulted in a scuffle between the two players. Jahic went to separate the players but for some reason got a yellow card instead. Thirdly, an offside was called for us which should not have been. Nonetheless, we should be winning these games regardless of some of these calls.

Unfortunately Scocco was injured since I believe he could have changed things this game.

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