Below is a translation from AEK’s site stating what is going on at the moment. Sorry the translation isn’t very good.

H PAE AEK referring to the case of transfer of shares, made the following announcement:

“After consultation between the k.Notia and k.Kozoni the preliminary agreement for the transfer of shares of AEK FC will not be signed. Instead it was agreed that on Monday (14/12) will begin the financial audit of the company FC accountants BDO, in order not to lose other valuable time and that there is no misunderstanding or implied as to the exact amount of debt / liabilities of the group open to third parties.
The audit will provide the FC and AEK k.Kozoni simultaneously. Within ten business days after delivery of the results of audits if the debts do not exceed 34.2 million euros the k.Kozonis be deposited into the account the company’s EUR 19 million to acquire the shares of FC. Stating that the shareholders of AEK FC, want to transfer their stakes to a prominent businessman who will meet the expectations of our fans. Thus, we call the k.Kozoni to satisfy the above conditions and to know that shareholders will welcome him and support him when they take on the fortunes of the team.
To avoid misunderstanding, we clarify that the documents presented by k.Kozoni and his colleagues in k.Notia are two:
1) A recommendation letter from the bank, Bank of Shorewood, which was displayed by k.Kozoni the meeting with the k.Notia Florida. It was just a general recommendation letter from this bank, which has three branches in the state of Illinois and has total deposits of about 80 million, according to the Federal Reserve Authority (FDIC).
2) A letter from an investment «fund», for which we did not find information, as it has a website on the internet and for which the shareholders retain their reservations. This letter, the shareholders are committed to k.Kozoni that it would give publicity.
Finally, we urge all our supporters to rally around the team, players and the coach and know that if the transfer of shares in k.Kozoni not completed, shareholders will do what is necessary for the coming months to find a right solution for the team. ”

PAE AEK has also requested that the fans who are currently occupying the offices leave by Monday so the papers can be looked over.


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