Updates On The Situation

To update what AEKMAN already posted. I went on Monday all the grafiti was painted.As of right now though, it hasn’t been the Originals involved (they have been very quiet so far and we haven’t seen them anywhere). It’s mostly been the Ano Patissia Club, which is separate from the Originals. They have now begun an occupation of the AEK offices (it actually started yesterday if I remember correctly). They said they will not leave until they speak with Notias. And it looks like they mean it. They haven’t left once, they’ve only taken shifts with other guys, but they are in there all day and night. I went againt this evening to check on things and there was a peaceful gathering outside as well  (I could still see the guys in the officies and other were wling in and out freely). I was glad to see everything was peaceful and calm.

Well, Notias has apparently contacted them and they had a discussion which lasted about an hour. I don’t know if this is true, but he supposedly said to be patient until the end of the week, when the papers will be signed. He said Kozonis loves AEK and he is the only man they are talking to. Good news if it’s true.

The occupation will continue now until they begin looking through the papers. Once they do, they will leave the building. Something better be done soon though, or else there will be trouble, and what we’ve seen so far will be nothing compared to what will come if papers aren’t signed soon.


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