Originals make a statement…..

And it didn’t happen by e-mail.Rather thay trashed the offices of AEK literally.Dumping garbage cans inside,grafitting the walls inside an out,they certainly sent out a warning that this was only the beginning if things are not sorted out quickly.Reports from Greece,on one hand are saying that Kozonis is threatening to pull out altogether as his figures put AEK’S debt at above 40 million euros,and the other side saying he hasn’t got the money needed.There are some greek investors being lined up as well apparently,led by some guy called Pappas,who has Notia’s backing.What a shambles.To top it all off,Scocco’s manager has implicated that Nacho is not happy with the climate at AEK(HE’S NOT ON HIS OWN THERE)and will be open to offers if they come in.To end this on some sort of pleasing note,anything will do right now,Nacho made a statement on his Facebook page,which simply read “Never For Pao”!


One Response to “Originals make a statement…..”

  1. Also trouble in paradise elsewhere. Panathinaikos fired trainer Henk ten Cate, although he didn’t lose many games since he came to P in 2008.

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