So, Whats Happening with Kozonis???

Below I basically just pasted some notes that we made with the help of my father (who’s Greek is much better than mine). What is below is just pasted so I apologize if it isn’t organized well. Also, it is all from unofficial sites, so it is quite possible none of it is true.

Here is the official press release from the amateurs, blah blah blah is what I say.   Now that everything comes out and everyone knows what they been up to they come out with a defensive press release.  They will come out and have a proper press conference I assume during their show Thur night.    Its funny, they are making fun of AEK’s management being ran from the States yet they have no problems doing deals and business with an Israeli!!

Comments from Sat’s Ora ton Sports paper:

From Christos Papadimitriou, Kozonis legal representation in Greece.  I would like to inform the people of AEK what has happened in the last 15 days or so.  We were informed by Mr. Togelo  and Mr. Hatzihristo of certain moves that the amateur group was making regarding the KAE (basketball).  We thought they were good moves for the survival of AEK and we asked that we be kept fully informed.    When we spoke with Mr. Karamalis (president of the basketball team) he told us he was not aware of such talks.

His confesion made us think and we started digging.  23rd of November we found out about another investor for the KAE and then we were informed about the making of a football and basketball stadium at Nea Philadelphia.   We informed Mr. Kozonis that there are some delays but we didn’t want him to know what was going on.  Kozonis had signed the MOU since the 25th on November and had given to Mr. Prassa the guaranteed deposit of $44 million dollars.  Infact, he had agreed with Mr. Notia to conclude everything asap so Dec 1st they can start with the audit by BDO.   26th of Nov Mr. Thanopoulos took a call, he was requested to meet and discuss the stadium topic.  27th of Nov Togelos and HH went to AEK’s office and had a chat with Thanopoulos.  They told him how the PAE (the football team) will benefit if they find an investor.   Up to that moment Thanopoulos was not aware of anything and neither did anyone from PAE were aware.   He told them that he can not respond to such a scenario while we are in the middle  of talks for the sale of the team.  After  that moment  due the upcoming PAOK game not much further was said.  That’s when we stopped the signing of the MOU, we also avoided to inform Kozonis so we wouldn’t upset him.  On the 30th instead of Florida as was expected Kozonis  flew to Chicago.  There were some talks  and Kozonis informed us that he was waiting for a paper.

On Wed he (Kozonis)  was informed of an unsigned MOU with the potential investors for the construction of a football stadium and a closed basketball stadium.  The football stadium will have the capacity of 32K and the basket will seat 4K.  The people of course worry and doubt us.  This is the real reason that the signing has been delayed.

Mr. Notias is the only one that thinks about AEK and is holding on to Mr.Kozonis.  The deal almost fell apart but the intervention of Mr. Notias saved it.  Its true that Notias wasn’t able to fly and he agreed that it would be best if they did not meet that day so things could calm down a bit.  We informed Mr.Thanopoulos of what was happening and during the morning hours I received a call from HH.  He wanted to talk but I told him we should talk in public so the people of AEK know what is happening.  He wanted to be heard never saying negative comments about the Originals whose story he loves.

Mr.Papadimitriou spoke that there are some “underground movements”  on this topic and we are wondering, “when Melisanidis came we got rid of him and I was one of them, and now we are bringing up Melisanid again?  Doesn’t that make you wonder?”  HH never showed me a pre-agreement (or MOU I guess). Just so we don’t fool the people, things are simple and there are two scenarios.  The first one is, that if Eligiahou’s offer is serious,  Erasitehniki (amateurs) can not give the land under its physical face (not translated well), he would have to buy the KAE.  Second scenario is to block everything, to make AEK smaller and smaller, to get rid of players and lead to πρωτοδικείου or as translated by Babelfish, court of first instance (not sure exactly what that is).

Finally the situation now is calm, Notias played a huge role.  He will go to Florida, he will speak with Kozoni and 99% chance that everything will be finished.  They will have signed everything, and proceed with the audit. They will discuss everything.

NOTE! All of the above is from earlier today. At halftime of our match today, it was reported that Kozonis made the following offer: AEK have until Thursday to accept. He says he will take AEK, no matter what, and all the debts up to 32million euros (this is what he was told the debt is). However, the shareholders of AEK must agree to pay the rest of the debt if there is more than this.

I don’t know how true this is, but if it is, I hope AEK accept. If not, than I think we will all have to fear for the future of our club.


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  1. congrats for the website !
    Keep it up and when you can take accelerated Greek lessons.
    We need you out there !)

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