New Lows for AEK: Panionios 3-1 AEK

This match proved one thing: This is the worst AEK we have ever seen.

The match started terribly, with plenty of chances for Panionios to score until the 21st, when they did manage to get their first goal. Riera and Estoyianoff absolute tore AEK up this evening. Estoyianoff was able to get past our defence with ease while Riera missed some dangerously close chances.

During this time we did very little, until around eight minutes later when we tied things up. And who scored it? Leonardo, the man who has done basically nothing for our club since joining us this summer. It must be said, however, that he played a pretty good game today. For the most part he played much further up than usual which allowed him to contribute quite a bit to the match, which was a nice thing to see. It also must be said that we certainly noticed his absence when he left the pitch during the second half (injury).

Generally, our game picked up quite a bit after our goal.We began pressuring around the pitch forcing Panionios to crack many times. We also had our fair share of chances, but we obviously didn’t score any.

Second half came and we again had some chances, but once again,so did Panionios. Eventually, Leonardo came off, we created few chances, and Panionios pressured while we were up looking for more goals. We cracked, Saja did what he could but it was largely the defence which was responsible for the goals.

Starting lineup was Saja (made some key saves,had a decent game), Araujo (again, decent game, but could have done better at times), Majstorovic (marked well, defended alright), Gentzoglou (pretty good game, ran up well, good ball control,improving every game), Karabelas (also pretty good game, but was useless against Estoyianoff), Hersi (played good,again like against Everton, some great ball control, dangerous up front at times), Leonardo (his best game with AEK yet, created chances and had some chances himself), Geurreiro (wasn’t bad, but he should be doing better), Nsaliwa (played a very good game against his former team, one of the key players, made some good passes), Blanco (missed some incredible chances and had a great header off of a free kick),and Manduca (some good runs, overall a decent performance).

Despite some decent performances by certain individuals, and some moments of good football by the team, we were for the most part outplayed by Panionios, who had certain players who played some great football.

I don’t know what to say. I’m honestly just too disappointed  to organize my thoughts. I never thought that this would be an easy game, but I really did not expect such a poor performance.

I believe we are around 7th or 8th now, but I’m not sure yet. I really doubt we have any chance of making the playoffs now.

I will post a seperate post on the news involving Kozonis.

Oh, some good news from this weekend. Our basketball team won against Olympia Larisa (one of the better basketball teams in Greece), and it was a very comfortable win, with some great offence by our team. Definitely something good to see. Hopefully we can keep it up!


2 Responses to “New Lows for AEK: Panionios 3-1 AEK”

  1. Thanks for the update on the basketball team. Getting harder and harder for me to follow since the aek internet fan club stopped updating their site. Most info I find is in Greek, and my Greek is just as good as my Swahili 😉
    Saw AEK play on Rhodes last season, will try to travel to either Athens or Rhodes this season to watch a game.

  2. Didn’t see the game but the downward spiral continues.Let’s hope and pray Bob takes over on Thursday!

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