Despite our luck,Kozonis deal may not go through!

Yes, I know we have been so incredibly lucky lately, but for a bit of bad news, it looks like the deal with Kozonis might not go through, at least not yet.

Notias was supposed to meet with Kozonis yesterday, however, we started hearing things about rain in New York preventing Notias from flying out. An email to AEKBaltimore and a few visits to weathernetwork’s site proved that this could not actually be the case.

“Here we go again” we were all thinking.Another takeover rumor proving to be exactly that… a rumor.

However, news reports are now saying it was not the rain, but Original21 leader Chatzichristos, who was responsible for the postponement of the meeting. It is now being reported that Chatzichristos was involved with other investors (withtout Notias and Co knowing) about building a stadium in Nea Filadelfia (many are suggesting that Mellissanidis may be behind this as well). However, the stadium was one of the main things Kozonis wanted full control over (he has to make some sort of a profit and a stadium will be one of the best ways to do this).

Now, we have to wait and see what happens. If this incident can be sorted out things should be ready again for the team to be transferred over. If not, the deal may be history before we know it.

However, no need to fear, Notias says he has a plan B ready…. let’s see.

The draws for the World Cup groups were completed today. Greece got drawn into a group with Argentina, Korea, and Nigeria. Interesting group. Lets see what we can do with Maradonna and his Argentina boys, who were largely unimpressive during qualifying. Don’t forget, they beat us 4-0 in ’94. Is this our chance for payback? I doubt it.


8 Responses to “Despite our luck,Kozonis deal may not go through!”

  1. I do not understand how we can even think of a new stadium. As our players go unpaid. Also I am writing you from Chicago and until recently I never heard of Kozonis. Peolple who have are asking how it is possable he has the monies we hear? So who is behind him? Well I hope he does and can do what he claims. I am sick and tired of all the rumors let them put shares on the stock exchange and if all of us who support AEK bough a few shares each we would be able to straighten things out financially. Too many perisites running the team. It appears worst of all is Mellissanidis and Chatzichristos.

    • I really laughed reading your comment….Down to the end u say : It appears worst of all is Mellissanidis and Chatzichristos… It appears ??? This is a certainty my friend, they are the worst… If we go back to the past and try to remeber how the team end up being punished like that Melissanidis’ name is at the top…. To be specific, in opposite order: Notias & Co, Nikolaidis and Co, Psomiadis(f——g bastard he ruined us) NETMED, ENIC, Trohanas, and (guess who) Melissanidis who sold AEK to Trohanas and so on….!!!!!
      Dont know for sure who Kozonis is, but its time to see some fresh administration with the required capital as well… As far as its commitment that once he takes over he starts making payments and running the hole thing in a professional manner, ΙΔΟΥ Η ΡΟΔΟΣ, ΙΔΟΥ ΚΑΙ ΤΟ ΠΗΔΗΜΑ…. In case you dont speak the hellenic language which I doubt, ask a buddy from Hellas he will explain….. Best regards mate!!!

      • Those names you mention cause so much pain thinking about them, to think that they are the ones responsible for bringing us to such a low level…

        We can only wait and see what happens with Kozonis. I agree, we need a change, but hopefully it’s for the better. We’ve been screwed over too many times, as you pointed out. One more time and I doubt our club will be here for future generations.

      • It is not a laughing matter. Same as always everyone wants everything and gives nothing.

        1. A new stadium
        2. More signings
        3. More Championships

        Well the stadium is empty every week and all we do is complain. Well how can anything go good without ticket sales. Look at OLY they fill the stadium every week. I will wait and see what happens. I do not think the answer is Kozonis but lets hope I am wrong. I have been following AEK ever since I saw them play with the Rangers in 92 but no good results since. Oh next time I comment I can write it in Greek for you if that helps. We should be crying not laughing.

      • I know it’s not a laughing matter, I doubt there is an AEK fan in this world laughing.

        As for the stadium, these past years from tickets and especially season tickets, and other ways, the team has raised 150,000 euros. Where has that money gone? We can fill out 70,000 people in OAKA every weekend, but who knows where that money is gonna go. Clearly not towards the team, not with the guys we have running it right now.

        As for Oly, the year they don’t win a championship, and once they stop winning championship after championship they will stop getting half of what they are getting now. And the other way around. Go back three years, we had a great average attendance, for the situation we were in. Yet, after all these years, poor results, terrible referee’s (whether it is intentional or not), lack of support when its needed from the board, players who play for the money (Scocco, Djebbour) rather than players who play for the team (Zikos, Lybe), all these things have turned fans off from going to the stadiums. Plus, the majority of Oly games are nice and conveniently on Saturday evenings, a great time for football matches. Ours, however, are always late Sunday evening. People have work the next day, students have school, some people travel many hours to go and watch the matches, but some of those people don’t want to get back at 11,12, 1 oclock and have to worry about the week coming up. Plus, our stadium is terrible for watching football in.

        I haven’t missed a home game in three years, but I really don’t blame some people for not coming out to the stadiums, especially with the football we’ve played this year.

        And as for results since ’92, we’ve had some memorable results. Sure, no championships, and nothing to show for some of our great results, I agree with that, but to say we havent had some great games since then isn’t exactly a fair statement. Don’t forget, we should have won that championship two years ago. Had we won that, we would have gotten into CL, and everything would have been different now, I’m sure of that.

        Nah, English is fine, most of the readers here speak english so if its alright with you we’d appreciate your comments in english. Thanks 🙂

  2. I am mixed on the World Cup draw. No one unbeatable in our group, but 3 fairly tough teams (despite the South Korean ranking). I think a decent chance to advance, but Nigeria worries me. So, beat S. Korea, tie Nigeria and hope that Argentina wins the first 2 and doesn’t have as much to play for in the 3rd.

  3. Peter, thats a scary fact. I really dont know about this guy, very few people do. It would be great if he could take over but what happens if he actually doesnt have the money?? We could end up worse than we are now, which eventually lead to our team not existing at all.

    Yes, all these people robbing our team, and holding it back from being what she can be. We’ve seen them for years, the worst of them including Psomiadis, who should be in prison but is out free like the rest of us. Scum.

    Yeah, the draw is interesting.If we tighten up though we can get past S.Korea. Our defence has to be ready for Nigeria, those guys are fast. If we work on positioning and tactics well we should be able to contain them.

    I don’t know about Argentina. If they improve from the qualifying round, then we have little chance of beating them. If not, then we can get more than we are expecting,assuming we improve.But still, this is Argentina, and Argentina will never be an easy team to beat,whether in form or not.

  4. I dont expect anything from AEK this year just please win in karaiskaki….
    Yia playoff ksexaseta….

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