AEK face Everton at the OAKA tonight in a must win game if we are to have any chance going into the last round against Benfica,for qualification into the last 32 of the Europa League.No Nemeth so our forward line will consist of Blanco and Scocco who’s really been our top player in an otherwise,so far,forgettable year.Our players also have not been paid this year,so the fact that we are playing at all speaks volume for them.Apparently Bajevic and old striker Dimitriadis who is now Technical Director talked the players into playing for the fans at least,however,Bajevic also said that if they are not paid by Monday,the players can do whatever thay like ie:strike.This would be the lowest point in our history were this to happen.So now you can understand how crucial tonight’s game is,at least for morale alone.Kozanis and Notias have a meeting in Florida later this week where it is hoped a deal can finally be reached.If it doesn’t happen,well……….


2 Responses to “ALL OR NOTHING…………..”

  1. FUUUUUUK!!!!! Thats the only word that comes to mind when I hear how bad our situation has become as a club.I hope tonight the boys put in a good effort and get a win because we are playing Everton at the best possible time when they are struggling themselves.Scocco has been our best and I think he will be again tonight since Nemeth isnt there to shine.Everton is beatable especially in Greece and also after we beat Benfica at home,lets just hope our boys are up for it.Friday couldnt come any quicker for ANY AEK fan as I think like myself everyone is begging for Kozonis to come thorugh for AEK and take over and hopefully get us back to winning games and titles.If he doesnt come through then I dont want to think what will happen at AEK!!!!

    Original 21 Sydney….

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