Derby Win for AEK

It wasn’t the prettiest of wins, but we came out of this derby with all three points.

The first half was a very poor one. We played with little passion, and little focus on the game. It was a sloppy game, though we did manage to create a couple of decent chances. Fortunately for us though, PAOK weren’t having a great game either. Had they been in better form though, they likely could have scored a goal or two in that first half.

Some more sloppy mistakes came from Saja in the first half, one which was almost an exact replay of a mistake against Kavala. Fortunately, he tightened things up as the match progressed.

We turned things around in the second, when we started to play with much more passion. It was clear the players came out of the dressing rooms at the start of the second half going for nothing but a win. Our game tightened up, and we began attacking more. Eventually, our goal came, after Scocco walked easily past the PAOK defense in order to set up Manduca for an easy tap in.

Despite the improvement in our play during the second half, we did not play nearly as tight as we should be playing. Though we won, I think a large part of that is due to the fact that PAOK were quite bad rather than us being quite good.

Leonardo played and once again he provided very little. Scocco, who received the MVP award, had a fine game, and had an incredible shot denied by the upright.

AEK also had an incredible chance denied by Chalkias who produced an incredible save to prevent a header from going in for AEK.

Well, despite the relatively poor performance, we got the three points. A huge morale booster for the fans and the players. Now, we have to see what happens when we face Everton this week. If we win, we keep our chances of going to the next round alive. Personally, I think its possible, and the victory against Benfica illustrates this. It will be hard, but it can still happen.

Cirillo was applauded and cheered by the AEK supporters today. It was nice to see him clapping back, and it looked like he honestly meant it.


12 Responses to “Derby Win for AEK”

  1. Great result for the team we needed to win a derby game to lift us up especially before meeting Everton who I think at the moment is not in form what so ever and we can beat them in Greece,our last game against Benfica is the crucial one but until then there’s plenty of soccer to be played and if we keep winning the team will hopefully lift with that.But great to beat PAOK Scocco was our best,he performes week in week out and didnt disappoint once again last night with his runs and shooting.Has anyone heard anything else on Kozonis and buying AEK or any other news being mentioned about this lately????

  2. Exactly, this win is what the team needed right now. Morale is high, confidence is high. And I believe confidence is key. The Benfica victory in OAKA is proof we can play good football, the players simply need to believe it. Scocco was fantastic yesterday. Scocco has the potential to play for a much bigger club, but until then, we have to make sure he continues playing for us, until we get a huge offer (which we can expect someday)

    By the way, there were plenty of scouts at the game, including scouts from Man City, Atalanta, and a few other teams. I’m sure this also played a part in Scocco’s performance.

    As for Kozonis, Ive been holding back from saying too much because I dont want to get hopes up and have them drop down in case something happens and the deal falls through. But as of now, all the papers are singed by both sides, and Kozonis is sending over 29 million euros, ten million of which will be held aside for January transfers. All that remains now is that they have to look one more time, thouroughly through the finance books, making sure no more surprise debts show up. If everything there goes well, we can expect him to officially take over soon (a matter of weeks at most). The latest dates Ive heard are the begining of January, but who knows, it may happen sooner.

  3. Ok, so, Tuesday they will begin looking over the books.

  4. I just watched Everton-Liverpool. Everton lost 2-0 but they were by far the better side, Reina kept Liverpool in the game (Kyrgiakos didnt play). But Everton played some good football and showed alot of determination, and I’m quite worried after watching that. We will have to play extremely good to get a win, and very tight. Any loos balls and they will punish us, they are very fast.

    However, this loss means they are very low in the standings. They have a tough game next weekend, and some are suggesting they may not put much stress on Europa League to prevent injuries and fatigue so they can focus on staying in the Premier League. I don’t know if thats true, but we will have to wait and see.

  5. Missed our Derby game but i heard 2nd half was quite promising.Even though Everton were the better team against Liverpool,they are there for the taking.They would have spent alot of energy in their derby and if we put pressure on them in all areas of the pitch,i have no doubt we can win.Regarding Bob,thank god he’s an AEK fan!

  6. Hi Guys, Everton fan here. I think Everton manager, David Moyes, will take this game very seriously as he looks for his team to continue the good form they showed against Liverpool. Some key players have returned from injury/suspension in the last week including Pienaar, Fellaini and Bilyaletdinov. Don’t be fooled by Everton’s poor position in the EPL. Injuries have played a massive part in that. In addition, Moyes knows that if he gets his team through to the next phase of the Europa, he will have a good shot at winning it with injured players in Arteta, Neville and Jagielka returning in the next month or so.
    I expect us to make a few slight changes with the Spurs game in mind but nothing major. Hietinga and Neil are ineligible while Yobo is a serious doubt after limping off against Liverpool. I expect Pienaar to be rested and in turn replaced by young Dan Gosling on the right side of midfield. Rodwell may replace Yobo at centre-back while up front, we may see a surprise with a tandem strikeforce of Yakubu (or Saha) and Jo.
    Predicted XI: Howard, Hibbert, Distin, Rodwell, Baines, Gosling, Fellaini, Cahill, Bilyaletdinov, Yakubu, Jo

  7. ….good luck to both teams and hopefully we see a good game. By the way, does anyone know where I can watch (or download) last week’s AEK v PAOK match online?

  8. I agree with Aekman74,Everton ran their socks off on the weekend as it was a derby and any team lifts in a derby no matter of how poor their season or form has been,I saw Everton play midweek against Hull City and they were down 3-0 in the first half hour,Everton this season are too inconsistent,they are quality on paper but for some reason its not all coming together for them,against Liverpool they played well but being a derby you always lift just like the way AEK players lift in our derbys no matter how poor our form might be.I have great hope for Wednesdays game and I think AEK can come away with a win.

    As for Kozonis I hope the deal comes through soon because we will need money for transfers come January and I am sure Dousan has his eyes on players to bring in to the club.

    Original 21 Sydney

  9. Aek11..I agree that Everton were poor against Hull City but that can be attributed to the fact that the team was missing half their midfield (excluding Arteta and Osman) through suspension, and had no one to put their foot on the ball and control the tempo. These players are now available, along with Pienaar (who was out for 3 months). Don’t fool yourself, the team/performance at Hull City will not be replicated here.

  10. Thanks for the comments Nick. Good luck to your team in the rest of the tournament.

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