Press Conference

So, a two hour press conference was held by Thanopoulos today. Reporters said it was very sincere, “straight from the heart” kind of stuff. Clearly not saying what he is being told to say but rather what is true.

So, progress should be made soon with regards to Kozonis. A paper should be signed this weekend stating both sides are intending to go through with the deal (or something along those lines) and if all goes well (no arguments or hidden debts suddenly showing up) the transition will occur December 31st.

He said our debt is 30 million euros, and insists that is all, they are hiding nothing. Hopefully that is true.

He talked about some of the huge mistakes that were made under Demis, the biggest being getting rid of Ferrer. He wasn’t blaming him, simply saying that he had too much control (everyone let him do what he wanted since the rest of the shareholders knew little or nothing about football) for someone with little experience and knowledge in the area of running a large football team.

Thanopoulos will stay with the team until December 31st. Then, Kozonis will decided whether to keep him as an adviser or to let him go. I personally would like to see him stay. He’s an honest man who wants success for the club.

Some of the shareholders have given up their shares, including Pappas.

Alot was mentioned and discussed today, but those are just a few of the things said. Hopefully I can add more later.

Oh, one other thing. Thanopoulos said Kozonis loves AEK. He stays up late to watch the games and follows all the results. I really hope this is true. We need someone running the club who wants success for AEK.


2 Responses to “Press Conference”

  1. Yes I hope the man loves AEK! That’s the only way to do it. Cause it’s impossible to make profits out of a professional football club (perhaps with the exception of Man United).

  2. I hope Kozonis buys AEK,we are in need of change and some players need to change their attitude and play with their heart and reprersent our jersey with pride.We are a great club with great pride and to see us play the way we do week in week out is shattering and very hurtful for a true fan like myself.I hope some kind of change is done as soon as possible because I believe AEK can be the team they were in the 90’s winning titles and being so dominant!!!!!

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