So, one point from a game where it won’t really do much to help us. In reality though, we could have come away with all three points had we managed to score one more of our chances, or had Saja not made a terrible mistake that the goalkeeper on my own amateur team would likely avoid.

Well, AEKBaltimore will watch the match on TV soon, since I believe he recorded it, and I’m not sure if AEKMAN74 watched as well. I watched from the stadium and have yet to see a highlights show so I can only comment on what I saw from my seats.

We got off to a dream start, literally. Actually, I didn’t imagine we would get a better start, I thought it was too good to be true. We scored the opener in the 15th second. Yes, thats rights, 15th second, not minute! A record for a Greek team in European competitions, and perhaps a record in the new Europa League.

We got off to a great start, but the game was quickly back in the balance with both teams having a few chances if I remember correctly. Unfortunately, we conceded next, after a mistake from Nsaliwa I believe (remember, we had Majstorovic out for this one), and we were again next to conceed after a poor clearance from Saja was controlled by a BATE player who scored an open net shot from 45 meters out.

The Originals starting singing chants against the players, but I was glad to see the rest of the stadium boo them, telling them to get out. Our players were trying, and Saja’s mistake was one that could happen to any keeper. We had no coach for this one, players were out, they were still holding in.

Second half came on and it was clear our players were going for nothing less than three points. By full time we had three posts but no goals from them.

Manduca scored before the half time mark. Other than that, I cant remember any other facts, hopefully one of our other two posters will have some more news to say, but I cant remember much else. My heart was going crazy with all the chances we missed, I couldnt keep track of what was happening.


7 Responses to “AEK 2-2 BATE”

  1. Hate to get a tie, and this pretty much ensures we won’t advance, but at least a tie is better for our European record than a loss. I hope we can salvage some nice games in Europe and get into the top 5 in the Super League.

  2. Only saw the 2nd half spurts because of a bad stream,boys played well and our unlucky streak continues.I mean 3 posts,unbeleivable.Draw at Benfica and a win against Everton at home and we could still qualify.Fingers crossed

  3. Hey boys-
    Finally got to watch the match yesterday. It was shown in HD by DirecTV, so this was the first time I got to watch my team in HD, which was a real treat.

    We started off strong, and a Blanco strike off a Nemeth assist is surely the stuff we’d have hoped to see more off at the start of the season. Good stuff. Then an unlucky spell. Bate’s first goal on a counter-attack, whcih is understandable given our lack of seasoned defenders at the moment. The second, as Alex pointed out, was off a horrible keeper error.

    Bate deserves some credit here though. They played an aggressive, nippy, hard-tackling brand of football that is the type of game a team plays when it knows its up against a superior opponent. And it did the trick, didn’t it. They racked up a massive number of yellow cards and even had a man sent off in the 76th minute, but they accomplished what they needed to. THey must have received ten yellows.

    Again, we’ve still got a problem with our final touch. This was especially frustrating in the last fifteen minutes when, a man up, we poured on the attack but hit the post on our best chance. Frustrating stuff, but I think, at this point, we have to accept that although we have a lot of great players and al though the referees in Greece are surely corrupt, our still still lacks that final bit of quality. Still, loads of potential. If management can keep the core of the team together, we’ll have a real go of things next season.

  4. First half wasn’t too impressive and I kept losing satellite but 2nd half was a great effort but we missed alot of great chances,we were unlucky,our defence needs to improve abit and we need to be more confident infront of goals.Nemeth missed a great chance from right infront,he shouldve hit it first time but tried to control it and lost control completely.I hope this result slowly changes our season and lifts the boys confidence as that’s what we need at the moment.

  5. Our defence really must be improved! They get too cocky with the ball, make too many risky passes and rarely clear. BATE was just as hungry there for a win as we were, common sense would tell you not to play with the ball in front of your net and just get it out!

    Incredible, really can’t believe the posts we missed.

  6. Hi,

    I am coming over for the AEK Athens Vs Everton match how easy is it to get to the stadium and would you not wear you colours to the match?

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