Ergotelis 2-2 AEK

So, as is typical with AEK, we blow an early 1-0 lead and end up with a draw (today, the match against PAS, the Cup Final, the match with BATE).


My stream today was poor quality, so I can’t comment as much as I could have. But basically what we saw throughout the match was that we had many chances, yet we only scored one of them.

We went up first after Manduca headed in the ball off of Karabelas’ cross. Saja saved an Ergotelis penalty, Ergotelis scored a goal, scored another and went up 2-1. While this was happening we were missing some of the easiest chances imaginable and we didn’t have a penalty scored. Late in the match though, we were awarded a questionable penalty (I personally don’t think it was a penalty but I wont complain since we should have had the penalty earlier on). Blanco easily scored this and we got away with a draw.

Ergotelis have never beaten us before this match, and that still remains true (we have won six games and tied four).

We are now in seventh with only three points separating us from third and only two separating us from a spot to qualify for Europe. Had we won today we might have been in fourth but as we all know, this is AEK that we love and follow so much. And as we also know, AEK never likes to do things the easy way.

Saja played today, made some fine saves to keep us in the game. Overall, we played a decent match, but really should have scored our chances. We were not great, but we saw moments of brilliant passing, but those moments were few. This is not the AEK we all want to see, the AEK we are used to seeing, not like the AEK of 2007-2008 (a team consisting of a Blanco that could score with ease, Liberopoulos, Ribo, Dellas, Zikos, the fantastic Papastatopoulos, Kallon, Edinho) that ended up with the highest scoring offense, the fewest conceding defence.

Things are a long way from being how we want them to be. A very long way.

The bus with the AEK players was attacked by AEK supporters that made the trip to Crete to watch the match. I wouldn’t be surprised to see some more attacks in Athens (the plane should be arriving soon if it hasn’t arrived already).

Oh well… we play Bate on Thursday, with basically no defence available, and Larissa on Monday (the match was postponed due to a Beyonce show).

Lets see what happens there, though I am not expecting much.


4 Responses to “Ergotelis 2-2 AEK”

  1. Adam Wood Says:

    Did nemeth play??? If not, where is he?? He’s class mate…

  2. Like you Alex,i had a bad stream,no where near good enough to post a match review.Although a draw is better than a loss,it pains me to say this when we’re playing teams like Ergotelis.Right now AEK’S got problems all over the pitch,even Araujo,probably our best defender this year,made a schoolboy error letting Gonzales turn inside him so easy for their second goal.The midfield has no penetration and the forwards can’t score.Apart from that,at the moment,we’re probably a good 2nd division team.Can’t understand why Iordache has been dropped when he hasn’t been given an opportunity to start a single game this year.Also worth noting that Nathan Burns,on loan to KERKYRA,has scorred 4 goals in as many starts,while Leonardo and Mackos,our big offseason signings,might not ever play for AEK anymore,if Dusan stays in charge and keeps his word.Troubled times indeed!

  3. Here’s a video of today’s goals.

  4. AEKMAN, I must say I agree with all you said.

    I hope we can see some more of Burns, the kid has immense potential I believe, and as you pointed out he’s proved what hes capable of.

    Adam, yes, Nemeth played. He is an incredible player, played unbelievably for us our first matches, but has toned down a bit. Still, he can provide so much to the team, but I do think he is being applied in the wrong position on the pitch. He could have had some more goals this season had luck been more in his favor.

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