Well, our night went from good to about as bad as it could get. As you can see from the post below we were up 1-0 at half time.

The second half started and early on Majstorovic gets his second yellow and is sent off and Bate tie the game. So, one of our key players is sent off, the pitch condition is deteriorating (and it was disgusting to begin with) and we were loosing the control over the game we had before.

We managed to continue fighting (at this point one point really wouldn’t have been bad at all) however we also continued to concede corners. Bate started pressuring and we couldn’t get good control over the game. Blanco was taken off and replaced with Makos. Makos had to cover right back as Jahic had to move to the center to cover the void left by Majstorovic.

Nemeth was left up front and had chance after chance, however the ref seemed determined to call him offside any time he had the ball (fine some of the calls were fair, but there were a few where there was no offsides at all) and refused to call any of the many fouls committed against him.

Eventually, Juanfran had to come off due to injury and was replaced by Karabelas.

As for the game in general, we saw some good things but lost control of the game as it went on, especially with Majstorovic being expelled. The team was clearly being frustrated by the ref, as well as Bajevic, who was eventually sent off.

We saw some good things from our players, especially Nsaliwa, but this is still not the AEK we all want. Bate were an average team at best. At one point in our beautiful history AEK was a team that was able to come back from 2-0 down, in Madrid and end up tying the game 2-2 (becoming the first team to ever do so), now we are struggling to beat poor quality sides from Belarus. Some things must change, especially our luck. Week in, week out, every year, luck does all it can to go against us. I dont exactly believe very much in luck and superstitions, but anyone who has been following AEK at all these past years would notice it must somehow play a part. To illustrate this point, consider the following:

-Had Everton won today, AEK would have still had decent chances of advancing. Instead, Benfica beat Everton 5-0, leaving us further behind.

-Our two centre backs today both got red cards, meaning they are suspended for one match. Our other centre backs are injured (Geraldo) or have just recovered from injury (Alexopoulos) and will not be ready to play anytime soon.

-Araujo is still suspended for a match, Georgeas is injured, and Koutromanos is severely injured and is out for the entire season. So, all three of our main right backs are unavailable for the next match.

-Juanfran received an injury today and might not be able to play next match.

Sp, essentially, we have no defence to field and will instead have to rely on other players from other positions. Of course, add to this the fact that nothing but wins will leave us with any chance of advancing and our future in Europa League this year looks grim. Not good news considering we already have no chance of winning the championship, or at least finishing high.

Not much else I can say right now, I just can’t believe what has happened to our club. I guess all we can do is continue supporting AEK and hope management (this new owner couldn’t come at a better time if he does) and the players do what they can.


7 Responses to “BATE 2-1 AEK”

  1. aekbaltimore Says:

    Agree about Nsaliwa. He was a rea precense in the middle of the pitch, breaking up Bate’s play and initiating our attacks with fluid passing. He looked great. Scocco again worked his butt off.

  2. Yeah, it was great to see Nsaliwa play this way. He really fought, won all his tackles, and quickly started attacking and making some usefull passes rather than looking immediately back for the safe pass to the defence.

    Also Scocco worked really hard, especially considering what just happened to some of his family members, but these pitch conditions unfortunately did not favour the style of someone who runs with the ball at his feet and has great ball control. Even top class ball control would not yield great results when playing on grass as wet and slippery as that.

  3. Thanks for the review guys.Couldn’t watch the match unfortunately but kept up with updates.Soundls like the boys gave everything.Were all 4 yellow cards to Majstorovic and Arce deserved?When was Bajevic sent off,after what incident?Hopefully we can field anything that resembles a defense in the next game,don’t know how!

  4. This team is making me ill, but hopefully things start to look up…

  5. aekbaltimore Says:

    Technically, I think the first yellow was not deserved. The replay showed Majs got the ball before kncocking over the Bate player, but refs of course don’t have the benefit of replays and it was a hard hit outside the box, so the ref gave the free kick. The second was deserved but I think the second one was harsh givent h circumstances. A better referee might have cautioned him on the second isntead of reaching so fast for the card.

  6. aekbaltimore Says:


    yes. though the currrupt officiating in Greece is a big problem for us, the team can’t complaint that all officials throughout all of Europe are against them, so we clearly have some bigger problems than Greek referees.

    my hope is that AEK can retain Baj and our key players through the season and next summer and make a real run for it in 10/11. certainly, when we look good (like those 20+ minutes against benfica), we look really good. We just don’t have the consistency a top team needs.

  7. AEKMAN74-I believe Bajevic was sent off for complaining, unless there was something I couldn’t understand from the commentators. I personally didn’t mind, it was really great to see him show some emotion, its not every day one sees Dusan standing up like that.

    anyone who wants a laugh, I keep watching this video

    I know it really shouldn’t be promoted but boy I love it!

    As for the referees, I certainly dont believe they were deliberately against us as some others believe on some forums, but they certainly played a negative role in our game. Also, there was some confusion at the end of the match where I believe Arce got a yellow (his second Im assuming, though I have to confirm that) for a foul Makos commited and got sent off. I’m sorry, not saying it was on purpose, but this should not be happening at UEFA level.

    Things will get better. As AEKBaltimore pointed out, we played some great football against Benfica, and won! The same Benfica that beat Everton 5-0 this week. You dont play well against Benfica by luck, that team definately has potential and the ability to play well.

    With time, the right coach (hopefully Bajevic stays on) and an owner with some money (the announcement is expected Monday as to whether we get the new American owner) we will return to the heights we were at before, such as in the 90’s. This is AEK, not Vaslui. We may not be Real Madrid, or Manchester United, but we are a historic team nonetheless, that has always given big European clubs a run for their money. We will return to this level, it will just take time.

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