Good news for AEK… If it’s actually true.

As Greeksoccer reports, Robert Kozonis, a wealthy bussiness man from Chicago is interested in becoming the main owner of AEK. This could be great for the club. He apparently has the necessary funds, and is not worried by the debt. The link discusses more details.

This is the kind of guy that can make the difference with AEK. He has the money and knows how to use it. He owns or has built over 120 buildings in Chicago, and his knowledge in engineering will certainly help as far as our stadium goes. Details are said to be finalized by tonight so lets see!

But now, time for some Champions League (which we could very well be playing in soon with Kozonis’ help).


3 Responses to “Good news for AEK… If it’s actually true.”

  1. aeknewjersey Says:

    This is what I was talking about, awesome.

  2. Yeah! Lets just wait and see now, if it goes through it couldn’t come at a better time!


    Mr ΚΟΖΩΝΗ κανε το θαυμα σου!!!

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