AEK returned to the winners circle with a much needed but largely unimpressive victory over the team from Komotini at OAKA.The visitors actually took the lead in the 26th minute when Majstorovic got turned “inside out” by their striker Buval in the box and he left Saja clutching at air with a nice finish.Majstorovic made up for his defensive error 2 min later,when he got on the end of a Nacho Scocco free kick and headed the equaliser from close.
AEK took the lead on 39 min when a “hopefull” ball into the area from Araujo(to be accurate,Tachtsidis was in the vicinity)was headed into his own net by their defender Djokic.
Scocco made it 3-1 on 59 min with a lovely turn inside and low drive from the edge of the area,giving the keeper no chance.At this point i expected AEK to press home the advantage and go on with the job but once again we fell into bad habits,like sitting back waiting for the other team to create instead of forcing the issue,or,not finishing our clear cut chances.This invited Panthrakikos back into the match and some fine play from them was rewarded when Robert scored a fine goal from a narrow angle on 69 min.The replay does show Saja making an uncharacteristic error as he left his near post wide open.So 3-2 and i’m sure like just about any AEK fan watching,im totally thinking we’ve blown it again and although we held on,AEK almost pulled off their throwing another game away.The away team had not 1,but 2 chances that bounced back off the post and out of danger.The crowd jeering the players at the end of the game was a good indication of their dissatisfaction at the performance.The starting lIne up was Saja.Araujo,Majstorovic,Arce,Krambelas.Hersi,Kafes,Jiahic,
Tachtsidis.Scocco and Blanco.The subs were:-Leonardo for Hersi 58 min,Geriero for Tachtsidis 63 min and Juan Fran for Karambelas 83 min.
Special mention and all our thoughts must go out to Nacho Scocco,who during the week,lost his grandmother and auntie in a car accident back home in Argentina.His father was driving but luckily survived.Despite the obvous pain and suffering he must have been enduring,Nacho actually pleaded with Dusan to play.Thankfully for us,he scored what turned out to be the winning goal.Nacho you a real trooper,staying with the club in our time of need and giving up yours.We at AEK ARCHIVES salute you!


One Response to “AEK 3 – PANTHRAKIKOS 2”

  1. Indeed, it was superb to see Scocco keep practising and insist on playing after what happened to some of his family. Yes, we all salute you Nacho!

    Also, Nemeth had to go to Hungary because his grandmother recently passed away. Hopefully everything is alright for him.

    As for the game, I was certainly not impressed, but there isn’t much more to say other than what you’ve said so far AEKMAN74.

    We didn’t play with the needed passion, especially when we went up by two goals. Its times like these, in front of a home crowd desperate for a good, promising performance, that you pressure a fairly weak side and go for more goals. Instead, we held back, fell asleep, and were lucky that a few shots (very nice shots indeed) from Panthrakikos didnt go in for the visitors.

    Blanco had a few great chances, as well as Guerreiro, and some other players. We should be scoring these chances however, especially against weak opponents.

    By the way, Majstorovic said he does not blame the fans for jeering. This is AEK, against what is by far the worst team in the League right now. We should not be getting away barely with one goal wins.

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