Kanellopoulos Donates His Shares of AEK!

Kanellopoulos has given his 13.5 % of shares to the amateur club so that they now have a 23.5 % share of the club. A pretty big share of the club indeed. Dimitris Hatzichristos as many of you will know is the head of the amateurs and Original21.

What will happen from this move nobody can say yet. However, this does put more power in the hands of the fans (that might not be a good thing right now since we all know the Originals aren’t exactly fond of Bajevic). We will have to wait a little while until we see what can result from this.

In other news, Koutromanos will be out for around six months! He picked up a serious knee injury while training and will require an operation. Bad news for us, especially since we now dont have a proper right back for our next Europa League game. We should know about Araujo’s appeal to UEFA tonight. If things go our way his sentence will hopefully be shortened.


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