Dark Times for AEK

This link here mentions the news that has happened with the share transfers, as well as some of the bad news affecting our team right now (as well as the Basketball and Volleyball teams).


7 Responses to “Dark Times for AEK”

  1. aeknewjersey Says:

    There aren’t any billionaire Greeks that can buy the club? Ted Leonsis? Anyone other than Peter Angelos?

  2. I don’t know what to say really. There is of course Mellisanidis, but I don’t see anything happening with him. Nothing happened with those Cypriots either. I don’t know yet, we’ll have to see, but Notias has said he is AEK and he’s sticking with the club.

  3. Notias is holding on and so will all the other real supporters of AEK. This is the TRUE AEK..the other quitters are being led by their egos. The time has come for us to mean what we say.

  4. Notias needs to hold on indeed, and yes, he is true AEK. It is my hope that Notias can do more — not because he hasn’t done enough — but because we are running out of options. Perhaps Notias can get some partners from teh Greek American community and buy-out some more shares.

    Aeknewjersey – It seems to me Notias is the one to figure out who can help from the states. I’m from Baltimore though, and I can tell you that most Orioles fans are not pleased with the way Angelos runs that team. From what I understand, he does not invest enough money in the club. But I don’t much like Baseball so I’m speaking out of school a bit here.

    This club is on the verge of developing a real global presence. Our hits on this site, for example, have gone from 20 a day two years ago to more than 100 a days this year. It is not uncommon for us to get more than 300 hits a day. GOLTV is showing AEK’s European games live. You got to soccer.com and they have an AEK jersey for sale two years in a row, but not PAO. Someone with some money and some balls need to get control of this club.

  5. Will AEK ever have off-field stability?In our drive for 10,000 members,how many we up to now?

  6. Ah, Off field stability. Wouldnt that be nice? Something we havent seen in over a decade.

    I’m not sure how many members we are at now, but I do believe it’s quite high.

  7. If I were a rich man…I’d put some money in the basketballteam…but I’m not, far from it actually 😉
    Anyway, what is needed is long term stability. Not newe billionaires every year that might put a lot of money in the club an then don’t…or go do something else after a year. We need staff and a bvoard that will be around for years, do have some brains and that are there for the club (and not the other way around).
    Start building, have patience and succes will follow.

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