Xanthi 1 AEK O…………

A 1 Nil loss away to Xanthi on Monday night has brought the AEK players back down to earth after what will be our famous victory over Benfica,by the same scoreline in the Europa League,midweek.My comments are based on play between the 20th and 70th minute due to technical difficulties(no stream),so hopefully Aekbaltimore orAlexaek wiil have a more indepth review.However,from what i saw during this time,alot was left to be desired.Saja,was once again solid and by no way at fault for the goal,another setpeice(corner) which for some reason,we have defending.Aek did have more possesion throughout the game but had constant trouble trying to start any sort of decent offence,the ball kept being lost in the middle 3rd.Xanthi did their homework and only hit on the counter but they did with flair and passion and could easily have scored more goals.Blanco had a goal dissallowed in the 1st half for offside,when Hersi would have been better shooting himself,from point blank range.And this seems to be our major dillema this year,our option taking,wether it passing instead of shooting,vece versa,passing to the wrong man etc,etc.Blanco also had the best chance in the match for both teams,when from the 6 yd box,he couldn’t get enough power on his header to beat the keeper.As much as i love Blanco,he really is shockingly out of form and maybe a stint on the bench,or at least to start a game from it,might do him the world of good.So who do we put up front,Djebbour,not sure what’s happening there but he could be an answer,even for the short term.Pavlis is too young too handle the resposibility of the main striker and Scocco,well he had an absolute shocker today just playing behind Blanco,nothing he tried came off and for all his talent,he is very average when playing without confidence.He should have been subbed and probably Blanco but Bajevic has been keeping the faith with them so far.Tachtsidis finally made an appearance coming off the bench and replacing Gerriero,who really is our only creative attacking threat at the moment so unless he’s still not 100% match fit,another puzzling sustitution.Interested to hear everyone’s comments as i missed the last 20 minutes.


2 Responses to “Xanthi 1 AEK O…………”

  1. Well,it seems that the AEK newspapers The Time For Sport and Score Live are reporting that once again,AEK were on the wrong end of the stick with refereeing decisions.Hersi had a goal dissalowed in the 16th minute for the use of a hand while Xanthi’s goal had a hand in the play.I must admit i did not see both moments so i can’t really comment, but if this is the case,who’s surprised?They also report Blanco being felled in the area in the 80th Minute,overlooked with Antenna,not showing a replay as to not accenyuate the referees blindness!Finally Bajevic appaterently threatened to quit after the match due to all these decisions constantly going against us,however AEK has released a statement on their official website,not denying that this happened but that the threat was made in the heat of the moment and that everyone concerned have decided to stick together and ride this out because as an ENOSI,WE WILL NEVER BE DEFEATED,AEK4LIFE!

  2. Yeah, looks lie Bajevic is sticking with us once again. We really got killed by some of the referee decisions, absolutely pathetic. People are saying at our next home match to wear black and to turn our backs to protest the league (not the team). Others are saying protest in front of the epo offices (this I hope they do) and some other more drastic measures. How long this will go on, nobody knows, but it will be many more years to come. But we will still stand strong, supporting our team no matter what.
    As for Djebbour, there is no way we will ever see him again. He wasnt even registered for Europe League. A same since he has so much talent, but he is terrible to have on the team. He was even apparently physically abusing players, as well as staff. He was training with Celtic for a while, wouldnt mind if we get a nice fee for him so we never have to deal with him again.

    As for your post AEKMAN74, I agree with all. I really didnt understand what Bajevic’s logic was behind his substitutions.

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