AEK 1-0 Benfica!!! Yep, thats right.

A huge win for us, absolutely incredible! So many good things to say, its going to take a while. I believe AEKBaltimore recorded the game since it was on in the US as well, so hopefully he will have some more comments as well.

First off, let me just repeat that once more. AEK 1-0 Benfica. Who would have thought we would have won this game. Apparently, not the Benfica coach, who said he was quite surprised by the result. However, after watching the tapes from the Olympiakos and PAO matches, he did say in his pre-match conference that AEK were a good team. I believe we proved him right.

Alright, it must be said that Benfica were a pretty good team, especially in terms of attacking. Lets not forget that they have the highest scoring offense in Europe right now. However, Saja saved us today and kept us in the game on numerous occasions. His saves were incredible, whether from one on one shots or fast free kicks. His reflexes were absolutely perfect and he made saves with his finger tips or his feet. He was perfect today. Not much more can be said. He timed the runs well, and his positioning was great.

Our defence we solid. Majstorovic and Arce were a great combo at the back and managed to deal with the free kicks and corners well, something we havent seen in a while. Overall, our defence was just solid. We couldn’t stop Benfica all the time (but hey, thats why we have Saja), and that was expected from such strong players such as Saviola. But for the most part they formed a wall nobody could pass. Georgeas also played a fantastic game and played with passion that I hadn’t seen from an AEK player in a long time. His defending was solid, though he left the left wing open at times. Noenetheless, we worked none stop all game and created some great runs which unfortunately never lead to any goals. Juanfran had an alright game. Not great, but he defended as well as he could, kept his stupidity to a minimum, and actually seemed to be trying his hardest out there. And lets face it, unless your trying your hardest when defending this Benfica team, you will be in trouble.

Jahic was absolutely incredible. His defending was great. He managed to make many critical tackles and stop them advancing before they could create too much danger. His ball control was also great and he kept calm and composed with the ball at his feet. Hersi was also great, and him along with Georgeas were a force to reckon with down the right flank. He made great runs and showed some great technical ability. Hopefully we will see more great things to come from him. The only thing which dissapointed me about Hersi was the fact that he never seemed to want to shoot. He was always looking for the pass when he could have had a clear shot on goal.

Manduca was in from today. I was really impresses with his speed at times, and it was his corner which led to out goal. He wasnt fantastic but he was certainly good enough.

Scocco had a decent game, but could have done more. He had many great break aways but could not score even one of them, break aways he would have normally scored without hesitation. Hopefully with time he will start gaining some more of the form we saw against Vaslui.

Blanco, once again, had some great opportunities to score (and I mean really great) but couldn’t get them in the net. The good news is he looks to be getting closer, and he was definately in the game. Bajevic’s specific instructions were for him to stay in the box rather than running around and getting tired. He seemed to do that today and hopefully he will continue to do that. The goals will start coming for him, it will just take time. He has had to get used to three different teams now in just as many years.

Our passing overall was superb today. It was smooth, with little hesitation, effective, upfield (rather than the back passes we had gotten used to), and overall just a joy to watch. With this kind of passing we should have no problem with any team in the Superleague and we should be able to get by almost any opponent in the Europa League.

As Im still so excited Im finding it hard to concentrate. Hopefully AEKBaltimore or AEKMAN74 will fill in everything that I missed. I will try to post a video of highlights once I find one.

And a couple more things to note about the game which I forgot. Majstorovic scored our goal from a corner, a beautiful header rising over the Benfica centre backs. Also, Georgeas recieved a red, which means he will be out for a game, so Koutromanos is the last option we have available for right back for our next match. Hopefully he will be up to the task.


4 Responses to “AEK 1-0 Benfica!!! Yep, thats right.”

  1. Great review for a great win.1st game ive been able to watch with a clear stream in a lomg time.And what can i say,AEK were brilliant today,all over the field.Saja,mvp.The back four did well,georgeas was positive and threatened on occasions,Juan Fran was surprising today,although still can produce the odd defending error,his long balls were something else today,hitting their target.Arce was solid and Majstorovic likewise with a great goal.Jahic was exceptional,played the defending midfielders role to a tee,breaking up attacks and starting ours.I thought Kafes was quiet but obviously not 100% match fit.Hersi was great,tremendous speed,nice touches and did have a shot in the 2nd half which the Benfica goalie had to “push away.Manducca was solid,no xceptionl but definately one of his better games,playing against his old team.Scocco played ok,threatened at times but needed more support from Kafes who couldn’t really keep up today.Blanco,well,what can i say.He can’t “buy” a goal at the moment.However he does keep getting into good goalscoring positions,so this drought can’t go on forever.All in all,a fantastic night(early morning,here in Australia),time to go to work and tell everybody who will care to listen that we must be favourites now!
    p.s. Just a comment on Benfica’s Di Maria,what a great player!Maybe we can do a straight deal swap for Juan Fran lol!

  2. aekbaltimore Says:

    Indeed a great game. I’ll have an in-depth match review up later today. And although I agree we played well, we did so only after the first fifteen minutes. Besides Saja, Hersi was the man of the match among the field players.

    • aeknewjersey Says:

      nice win, maybe this will get the ball rolling. Benfica played as if it would win merely be showing up. But Saha played off his ass. Blanco was more of a threat. However, I am souring more on Scocco each game. Too much flopping along, not enough direct play toward scoring chances. Onward and upward.

  3. Yeah, they must have expected an easy game.

    I really feel this game will get the ball rolling. I can only expect better things to come now.

    I havent been too impressed by Scocco ever since the Vaslui match. I dont know what it is, but I hope he starts attacking better. He has tremendous individual talent.

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