Punishment for Psomiadis and Other News

Makis Psomiadis, a previous owner of AEK who stole millions of EUROs from the club, will now face jail time. He’s been sent to prison before but got out of it and I really wouldn’t be surprised if he gets out of it again. Too bad though, the guy deserves nothing more than some sever punishment for the harm he caused to our club. This article has some more details.

So, our big game tomorrow against Benfica. We have a good squad and this would be a great time for them to start showing that. A win in theory is possible, but bearing in mind our current form, and Benfica’s (they have one of Europe’s highest scoring offences right now) that might not happen. Still, I’m optimistic we can get something out of this game.


2 Responses to “Punishment for Psomiadis and Other News”

  1. aeknewjersey Says:

    Benfica is almost the opposite of Everton. Instead of size, strength and pace, Benfica presents a technical opponent. AEK has to win the midfield, not to mention score a goal once in a while.

  2. Well, as for scoring a goal, it seems to be something we are struggling with right now. Maybe things will change though. Benfica are dangerous in the air though, and while they may not be as strong as Everton they have a few players who are quite tall and will give us a hard time in the air.

    As for controlling the midfield, I see that as a problem for us. Makos clearly is not capableof that right now, Kafes can, but he’s only one person (Im talking in terms of defence right now).Maybe Yahaya as well.

    As for controlling in an attacking sense, Gueirrero should be have enough tecnhical ability, he is a great palyer. But what ever happened to the days of Zikos and Rivaldo in our midfield. Those were two great players.

    Unfortunately, Juanfran will get killed on the pitch again. Dont know if Benfica play down the wing much but if they do we will be in trouble. Also, Araujo is out, so I guess Georgeas will be there. I feel better seeing Georgeas play than Juanfran though.

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