So, another derby lost. That makes it the first time we’ve lost two derbies in a row in about ten years. Not a good sign.

Not many positives to take from this game, both sides played some pretty poor football. I’m not going to bother writing much as there is  little to say. Firstly, our forwards still can’t score. We didn’thave Nemeth with us since he is playing for Hungary in Egypt, so that hurt us a bit. Scocco did very little, and played mostly for himself. We’ve seen little teamwork from him ever since the Cup final. Blanco, as usual these past few months, did nothing.

Yahaya started and had a decent game. Guerreiro also started and was probably one of our best players on the pitch.

Our defence wasn’t that bad but we actually weren’t threatened much at all. PAO had a couple good chances, but other than that we were pressured very little. Unfortunately, we managed to dump alot of pressure on PAO but they’re defence controlled our useless long balls with ease.

Once again, Juanfran was absolutely atrocious. Why Dusan did not play Georgeas, I do not know. Juanfran has been playing his worst football since joining the club lately, and he was pretty horrible when he first joined.

The silver lining? Well, Dusan is still trying many different lineups, so its going to take a while for the team to be settled. Much of the team was put together near the end of the summer, so naturally, the chemistry won’t be perfect.

Patience is needed right now if we expect results. Obviously, it looks like the Championship has been thrown out the window, but we can still fight to get at least third.

Clearly, this is not a good time to play Benfica, but there is little we can do about that. I highly doubt our team will gel together in time for that match, so I am hardly expecting a win, but this is football afterall, so who knows.

Sorry for the delayed posts these past couple of matches. Since the games have been late this past week I can’t do the reports when I get home so I have to do them later. Hopefully, our upcoming games will be at a more reasonable hour so I can get the reports up as soon as possible.

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