Very dissapointing result,considering we had the match “in the bag”.It was a very dfferent AEK that started today’s game from what we’ve been seeing recently.No Blanco,Leonardo(rested)Scocco(suspended).Bajevic started with the diminutive Pavlis up front and in truth he had little impact.Nemeth,playing just behind was dangerous and he set up Pavlis or Manducca(not sure) 1 0n 1 on the 1st half,with the ball ending up in the stands.Roger Geriero,played the creative midfield role and he does possess some lovely ball controll and passing ability.He will become a great player for AEK once his fitness gets better.Manducca,like iv’e said in the past,is way 2 hot and cold for me,in particular his defensive work on the left hand side is quite poor and it was here where the problems were coming from as Araujo playing right back has been our best player since joining us.Hersi looked ok,some nice touches and will be better “for the run”.Apart from the massive chance that Nemeth created,the 1st half was poor,considering there’s afew new faces,probably to be expected.
The second half saw Bajevic bring on Blanco for Pavlis and immeditely we looked more dangerous.He and Nemeth were starting to work well together and not long after Manducca found Nemeth inside the box with a beautiful “through” ball which Nemeth took on the run “1st time”,finishing with aplomb.Once we took the lead,our players fell into a “counter attack”style,instead of the “pressure” game we had apllied in the early stages of the 2nd half and which was working well as PAS kept on loosing the ball to us, in good positions.With more room our players were now “chasing” the ball instead of controlling it,which meant we got tired earlier than we had in mind.It was here i beleive Bajevic did make an error(i do forgive).Gerriero and Hersi were starting to show “heavy”legs and both should have been substituted particlarly Geriero.Instead Bajevic took off Nemeth and this made the PAS defenders ecstatic as they now didn’t have to deal with the threat of his pace.Bringing on Kafes and going “defensive”,for me,sent out the wrong message.
So what happened next,10 minutes to go and one of their players,Dimbala,receives 2 yellow cards in the space of a minute and gets sent off.GAME OVER.Or so we all thought!Within 20 seconds of this,i kid you not,a seemingly pointless ball over the top from them becomes extremely dangerous when Arce and Majstorovic got tangled up,with the former’s header going straight to their now unmarked striker and he made n mistake from 6 yards.Comical stuff,yet we’ve come to expect that lately.Throw in the 2 posts we had at the end from the same “play” and it becomes a sick joke.Well,the big derbies are now upon us,Olympiakos Wednesday night,Pao on Sunday!


One Response to “2 POINTS THROWN AWAY…………..”

  1. Must agree with what you said about Dusan’s subs, really not the way I would have gone. What can I say though, this is our luck! We miss so many good chances, and oly score late in the game and win in Toumba while Aris dont have a penalty scored for them against PAO.

    I dont know how I feel about the oly match on Wednesday but if you had told me we would have caused them so much trouble in the Cup final I would have said No Way! This is a great time for Blanco to start scoring a few goals!

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