There is no other way to describe last night’s game against Everton,other than to say we were outclassed,in every aspect.Bajevic’s starting line up left me scratching my head,with 3 central defenders and no Nemeth?Our midfield of Kafes and Makos never saw the ball as they had to cover so much space,which meant our attackers in Leonardo,Scocco and Blanco,kept on having to retreat,which meant we could never go forward with numbers confidently, in the 1st half,although Scocco was the best of the three.The less said about this game the better,Everton were simply too quick,too strong and too fluent for an AEK team no where near our best yet!


3 Responses to “Outclassed…..”

  1. From an Everton fan: well done to all those who followed AEK to to Merseyside to watch the game last night. You may have lost the match but you never gave up supporting your team. True fans of the beautiful game. Welcome back to Liverpool anytime.

  2. Cheers Mate! And well done to you lot. You’ve been unlucky so far in the EPL; here’s hoping things improve for you.

  3. aeknewjersey Says:

    First off, what a great site. I thank you guys for this. I now check it every day.

    AEK lost to a bigger and stronger team that plays better competition on a weekly basis. The one thing AEK couldn’t afford to do was give up set pieces, and what happened? The first two goals came from set pieces and the game was over. The coaching didn’t do the team any favors, either.

    Still looking forward to the season. I think this is a team on the rise, and the league is there for the taking.

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