AEK 1-0 Iraklis

Some important comments to mention about yesterday’s match.

Firstly, our to team put on a good performance. Even now more can be improved on. but it was a solid game for the most part with some enjoyable football.

This is definately a good result. On paper, Iraklis are certainly not a pushover this year with some pretty impressive signings being made for them over the summer. At the end of the day though, three points is three points, regardless of who we play.

So, the good aspects of yesterday’s match: Scocco, Kafes, Leonardo, Juanfran, Majstorovic, Geurrero, Alves, Jahic and Makos (who was very good, along with Kafes).

The great: Nemeth, Araujo, Saja.

The bad: Blanco.

The players I said performed good all performed at a very high level, the kind of level we expect. They all gave as much as they could, they played their positions well, and got their job done. The ones who I said were great were fantastic and a joy to watch. The one who played bad, well, I think its kind of obvious. Blanco’s main role has always been to score, not set up goals, not make space. However, he isnt doing that at the moment.

Nemeth was slightly dissapointing actually, but thats only because I was expecting so much of him. Without bearing that in mind, he was fantastic. Saja saved us a few times and made some incredible saves, as usual. Araujo played some fantastic defence. The guy is tough, slide tackles with perfect precision, and is a very intelligent and confident player. Such a relief to see since right back was always a weaker position for us in the past.

Kafes and Makos both played a really good game and contributed much to the match. I must say this was one of, if not the best performance from Makos yet.

Leonardo showed some excellent ball control as well as speed but his passing and his crosses were always very poor. Most of the time he over shot everything. I dont know if we was nervous, but I know this is not the usual Leonardo we were seeing at Levadeiakos. His crosses are normally fantastic.

Blanco missed many chances which he should have scored, including a penalty! I dont know what it is, but he just is not performing well lately. He can’t score goals which he would normally knock in with ease. Ive said it before, and Ill say it again, though. I am sure he will return to his original self soon.

Scocco had a good game. Not fantastic, but he did prove time and time again why he is on the team. Great ball control, helped bring the ball up alot. I still think though that he should be playing as a main striker. Other people believe this as well. He got a red card early in the second for kicking the ball away when he was called over by the ref. Unfortunate way to get sent off, but hopefully he wont be too affected by it. Either way though, he does not seem happy playing where he is playing on the pitch. He’s getting the job done, but I believe, as we saw at the Vaslui game, that he wants to score. I personally don’t see a problem with this because clearly he has no problem with doing that.

The team played a good game of football. Defence was tight for the most part. Juanfran was a little weak on the wings though. We were constantly bombarded along the left wing, not so much on the right though.

Our passing was smooth yesterday and at times it was fantastic to watch.

The fan support at the game yesterday was absolutely fantastic. The singing was fantastic at times, and the support never stopped.

Kafes got MVP of the match.


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