Iraklis Pre Game

So, our first home game of the season (after the match against Olympiakos was cancelled), and it could prove to be a fairly difficult one. Iraklis have a strong squad and I believe they have the potential to cause trouble to any team in the league.

Nonetheless, our squad is also strong as well now so I believe we can take the win. It will probably be a difficult win but I dont see a repeat of two years ago happening again (when we lost to Iraklis 2-1 at home). Hopefully the fan attendance will high and the support strong.

The squad will be: Arabatzis, Saja, Georgeas, Kafes, Makos, Pavlis, Araujo, Nsaliwa, Geraldo, Juanfran, Majstorovic, Jahic, Guerrero, Scocco, Blanco, Manduca, Leonardo, Iordache, Nemeth, and Yahaya.

The most likely starting lineup will in my opinion be Saja, Araujo, Majstorovic, Jahic (although perhaps Geraldo will play),Juanfran, Kafes, Makos, Scocco, Blanco, Leonardo, and Nemeth. I am not sure if Nemeth will start but I believe he should after the promising performance by him last match.

In other Superleague news, Olympiakos drew 0-0 at Karaiskaki with newly promoted Kavala. Promising news for us, devastating for Olympiakos. Their coach’s future is in more doubt now than ever, and huge pressure is on him for Olympiakos to win their upcoming Champions League match. If this does not happen I would not be surprised to see the coach gone, which would mean either the assistant would take over or they would have to find a replacement only a week before they play us in OAKA.

Olympiakos’ performance yesterday was very poor, and Kavala could have won the game at times.

In other AEK news, a huge clean up took place today at the location of our now none existent stadium in Nea Filadelfia. Hundreds of AEK supporters, as well as myself and my father, went to clean debris and cut away trees and bushes in order to make the location more presentable. There is still alot more work which needs to be done, but we made a little progress.

PAE AEK will make one more attempt for a stadium in Nea Filadelfia. While it may not be the most practical option, I think that if it is possible to make a stadium there with at least 35,000 capacity, it should be done.


2 Responses to “Iraklis Pre Game”

  1. Olympiakos plays the Dutch team AZ wednesday in teh Champions League. AZ became Dutch Champion for the first time in 28 years. Good team, though they had a lousy start this season. Lost today. But have a good team. Hope they will play at their best wednesday 😉

  2. Wouldnt mind that at all.

    Im confident oly will loose this one.

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