AEK 1-0 Iraklis

We got a good win tonight at OAKA against a team that could have put up some difficulties. Unfortunately though, its quite late here, so I dont have time to post a review right now. Either I’ll write it tomorrow or perhaps if either AEKMAN74 or AEKBaltimore watched the match they’ll get something.

I’ll say a few things though. Of all the players who played today Araujo,  Saja, and Nemeth were all great today. Everyone else played really good as well except Blanco, who is still missing easy chances that he would have scored with ease last year. But overall the team showed a great display of football. Speed, good passing, good defending. All around a solid performance for most of the match.

Bajevic was very enthusiastic after the match and rightfully so. Things are looking good now.

Kafes scored our goal today.


3 Responses to “AEK 1-0 Iraklis”

  1. We played well for most of the match & would have looked even better had Blanco capitalized on his golden chances. We have five difficult matches ahead & had better make the most of our chances, the margin for error is razor thin. Nemeth is poised to score, his creative ability is magic.

  2. Unfortunately never saw the game,how did Geriero play?

  3. Five very hard matches coming up, but right now anything is possible! But we have to be alert, and score our chances when we can, as you said. Or else, we will pay the consequences.

    I think Geriero played well, showed alot passion with the fans, definately good to see. Didnt play much and I didnt see very much of him, but I think give him some time and he will be very good.

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