AEK Press Conference with Thanopoulos

A long press conference was held a few days ago by team president Thanopoulos. The president spoke for a couple of hours on a number of issues. Some of the highlights were:

-Firstly, he confirmed that things around the team are now calm. We have achieved our goals in terms of transfers and reaching the Europa League Group Stages

-The team is now on much more solid ground, financially. We still have a debt but it has been significantly reduced.

-He says he did what was best to put the team in a good position, and to do what could be done to keep it that way, rather than singing players and having to deal with more debts later. I believe, and Im sure many agree, that this method was the right way to go. We are now stable as a team, and are now able to make the transfers. Not only did the team steady itself, but we saw some great transfers from the team as well.

-Three teams of investors will be bringing in nine million euros to help the team.

-He thanked everyone who supported the team when times were tough, especially when they were affected by a financial crisis.

-All the money has been paid to Pumas and Panionios, and now Scocco, Djebbour, and Blanco are 100 percent players of AEK.

-The contstruction of our training facilities were delayed three months because ancient roads and some homes were found at the site. They are now taken care of and work is being done on the site. The training grounds should be ready sometime early 2010.

-They will have one more serious attempt at building a stadium in Nea Filadelfia. However, if it does not work out they will look at other options.

Alot more was mentioned but this is all I can remember. Some good and reassuring news there, indicating a brighter future. His philosophy right now is to get AEK in a stable position so it can remain that way for many years to come, rather than spending big on managers and coaches, and having to deal with the consequences. Could not agree with that more, and I believe it is something which will benefit the team in the long run.

Tomorrow we play Iraklis.


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