AEK Drawn in Group I

AEK have been drawn in group I for the Europa League Group Stage along with Benfica, Everton, and BATE. Not a bad group I must say. We could have gotten a much more difficult but I believe we have a pretty good chance of advancing to the next round.

Benfica should be a tough opponent but they have not been at their best in recent years. I also see Everton giving us a hard time but I think if we continue with the form we have now plus a few more experienced signings, we could get past Everton as well. It will be no easy task though.

Panathinaikos will be playing Dinamo Bucuresti, Sturm, and Galatasaray. The Galatasaray against Pao fixture will definately be one of the highlights of the Group Stages.


6 Responses to “AEK Drawn in Group I”

  1. Oleguer to AEK?
    According to Dutch newspapers and websites, AEK wants to hire defender Oleguer from Ajax Amsterdam. Olguer is Spanish, 29 years old, and currently a ‘benchwarmer’.
    Hollands biggest newspaper ‘De Telegraaf’ reports that it will be hard to reach an agreement, because AEK only wants to pay 500.000 euros a year. Oleguers salary is 2 milllion a year. That would leave Ajax with still 1,5 million a year to pay and they dont like that. Oleguer is a good player, could be useful for us.
    Vid below: presentation of Oleguer when he came to Ajax

    • I hope we get him, should bring plenty of experience.

      He has agreed to play with us we just have to work things out with Ajax, which might be tricky. I think Thanopoulos is talking with them. I hope the talks yield something.

  2. Tough group but we can qualify if we play like the 2nd half against Vaslui.I’m sure the players will be looking forward to travelling to Goodison and Benfica,and if we pick up maximum points aganst BATE anything is possible!

  3. aekbaltimore Says:

    Everton finished fifth in the EPL last year. Normally, that would scare the cr-p out of me. But they’ve played really poorly so far this season. But they are taking steps to remedy this as they just signed Distin to bolster their back line and Bilyaletdinov for their midfield. If these two can quickly gel with the squad, Everton will be a very tough side to break down.

  4. Personally, I am not thrilled with this draw. It could be just the name recognition of Benfica and Everton, but this scares me. Winning against those clubs would be great lore for AEK, however.

    • It would indeed, and I think if any year would have been the year to do that, this is the year. Both clubs, as has been previously stated, are not at their best.

      I mean, Everton, two losses in two games, including a massive home defeat and a defeat to a newly promoted side.

      As we saw Benfica last year against Olympiakos (what was the final score, I believe something like 5-1) we know they to are not what they used to be. Perhaps theyve turned things around this summer but I doubt it, and I think if we play our best we can take both teams.

      But they are scary names, hopefully our players arent too intimidated.

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