Derby Cancelled

Due to the fires noetheast of Athens, the two matches in Attiki, the AEK-Olympiakos derby and the Panionios-PAOK match, have both been postponed.

It was unfortunate, as I was excited about the match, but it was a needed desicion. Hopefully, nobody will be killed by these fires, and I really hope it gets under control soon.

I suppose this works out for the better. Nemeth will be arriving in Athens on tuesday, most likely to sign for us. This means that he will probably play for us when we play Olympiakos, as well as Kafes, and perhaps another two players that Bajevic is after (most likely a center back and one other player).

The game will most likely be player on September 23rd. Since the match is in September, there will more than likely be more fans attending, which will make for a better atmosphere.


5 Responses to “Derby Cancelled”

  1. nah, not really on the spot about the attendance. The game is in the middle of the week if set for Sep. 23rd, no way more than 10 thousand people will show up. I agree with you on Kafes much needed break for his injury, along with Nemeth, they will be able to help when time comes.

    support to the people whose houses are in the path of fire.

  2. There will definately be more than 10,000 people in attendance. It will be September, so the city will be back to its normal population. And if we play good the few games before we will get even more people. There might be some kids missing due to to school but it will still be a good attendance. Look at AEK-Milan for example, during the week and almost sold out. And even AEK-Lille had 40,000, and again, during the week. Fine those were Champions League games, but Im pretty sure an AEK-Lille match will bring the same attendance as an AEK-oly match, especially after last season’s cup final, where the fans will want revenge.

    Yeah, I think Nemeth will certainly help out. Cant wait to see him start playing. Maybe he’ll play as early as this weekend.

  3. I do agree with you, if this was another match. I cant see the Vaslui game this week soon bringing many fans.

    but the AEK-Oly derby is the most anticipated game for AEK fans all year, and no matter what the date or time, I am sure it will always bring at least 30,000, if not much more.

  4. we shall see I guess. I am so mad we end up not getting Pavon. I have been watching that kid play since he was in Real Madrid’s junior leagues. Too bad, he would have helped a lot the midfielders and of coz the defense line…

  5. Yep, Pavon would have been fantastic. It would have been awesome if it worked out. But, I guess we’ll have to do our best with others.

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