One More Day Folks.

So, only one more day of waiting before the big game, the one game we all wait for all summer. AEK-Olympiakos, one of the most well known fixtures in Greek football. Unfortunately though, and as much as I hate to say it, I think our chances of winning are very slim. The best result I can see for us is a draw. Nonetheless, this is a derby, and as last year’s Cup Final proved, anything can happen at this derby. Either way, I see goals being scored, as they normally are (unlike the Panathinaikos-Olympiakos derby, where both teams tend to play very cautiously, hardly taking chances), and still, I wont rule out a victory for us because, literally, anything is possible at this game.

Unfortunately, I wont be surpirsed if we see some trouble at this match. Tension will be high in the stadium due to the recent Kyrgiakos transfer and generally with the way the team has been run. Original21 wrote on the walls of the AEK offices, saying “Patience is over”. Of course, nothing will be solved by causing violence, however, I still excpect we will see some. are predicting a couple of results for this game. I believe the 2-2 draw is quite possible.

A review of the Vaslui-AEK match can be found here.

The Kyrgiakos transfer is everywhere on the web, including and frontpages. It is definately one of the largest transfers involving a Greek in Greek football history and has gained attention from aroud the world. The Liverpool fans on some online forums are saying some funny things such as “He’s one of the 300 Spartans”, “He was raised on an island and defended the island from predators”. Good to hear many people are positive about this transfer and I hope he can do well in England. There is a good chance he will start on Monday.

As for the transfer, AEK have recieved a list from Liverpool of available players to loan and Thanopoulos is in Liverpool right now looking for our two players. Some fairly big names are included in the list.

AEK will also play two friendlies with Liverpool, one in Anfield, and on in OAKA. AEK will recieve all of the profit from the two friendlies.

Bajevic is looking at some more players even now, as the transfer deadline approaches.


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  1. Glad to hear we are getting something out of the transfer.

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