Almost Final

Well Liverpool have confirmed everything here. Its as close to a done deal now and all that remains is the medical. AEK have also stated that they will not get in his way if this it what Kyrgiakos really wants.

While I’m proud to see Kyrgiakos going to play abroad for Liverpool what is disgusting me is the way Liverpool are trying to negotiate things. Liverpool’s original offer was 1.5 million euros, ridiculously low. AEK then came back and said no lower than five million (although I think he is worth more). AEK and Liverpool then agreed on three million euros as a compromise. As of yesterday Liverpool’s offer had dropped down to 2.2 million and now its as low as 1.8 million euros. If PAE AEK accept an offer this low it will be horrible. Kyrgiakos should not be sold for anything less than three million euros I believe, even though we should have been recieveing mucn more. He is a starter on the Greek National Team (which is ranked 11th in the world at the moment), he is healthy and fit, and has proven to be a top class centre-back. He is not some unkown centre back from a league such as the Bosnian league as many Liverpool fans on the web seem to believe.

I truly hope AEK manage to negootiate a better offer out of Liverpool, even though there is not much we can do.


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