Kyrgiakos is gone…

Well, it looks like Kyrgiakos is no longer a player of AEK. Out of the blue Liverpool have singed who could arguably one of our most precious players. I have no clue where this has come from but Liverpool needed a centre-back since theyr’es were injured and so have signed Kyrgiakos for three million.

This is sad news for us. Especially with a Europa League game and our biggest match of the season coming up this week. However, nothing has been confirmed so I have still hope its not true. But I can’t say Im surprised. I dont know many players who would give up the chance to play in one of the world’s best leagues at one of the most historic clubs in club football history.

I cant say much more right now as Im at a loss for words.

Well, press in England is also reporting this now so I guess its just a matter of waiting until it is confirmed.


3 Responses to “Kyrgiakos is gone…”

  1. Bitterly dissapointing,considering his comments only last week,however,you can’t blame him,i mean,it is only a small club like LIVERPOOL!Would hve preferred he went to my other love in football life ARSENAL(notice how i support the 2 best teams in the world) but he would have been 3rd or 4th choice,so better off getting more playing time.3 Million Euros for a 30 yo Defender isn’t bad money at all,im sure Bajevic will use wisely and quickly i hope as Majstorovic is now our number 1 central defender!

  2. aekbaltimore Says:

    And the news comes just as word is getting out that the Hick’s sporting empire is about to collapse:

  3. haha, yeah, Liverpool are struggling with money, must be one reason they were looking at Kyrgiakos in the first place.

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