Newest AEK signing: Carlos Araujo

Well, the deal for Gaxa, the South African right back we were previously close to signing, has fallen through. We were close to signing him at one point but his club in South Africa continued to raise their asking price until it reached one million euros. There was no way AEK was going to spend so much so instead we have signed the second right back that we were looking at, Carlos Araujo.

He is a 27 year old Argentinian right back who previosuly spent many years at River Plate. The signing has not been confirmed on the AEK site, but it is apparently almost completed. We now must wait for Araujo to arrive in Athens so he can complete his medical test. One bonus to this signing is the fact that Araujo has a Spanish passport which means that we will not have to unload as many foreign players for this season.

Below is a video showcasing Araujo’s talents.

We are now after a Nigerian forward from Lazio who we might get on a loan.

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