AEK Updates

Some news to report about our team. First, the good news. Ismael Blanco has signed an extension to his contract which will keep him at AEK until 2013. The new contract will also include a 100,000 euro raise, which means he will ne making 500,000 euros a year now. Good to see we’ll be keeping our best striker at the club for a few more years.

We are interested in Siboniso Gaxa, the South African defender who played at the Confederations Cup earlier this summer and played a great tournament for South African National Team. He plays right back and would be a great addition to the squad seeing as right back is where we’ve been struggling in recent years (and left back unfortunately). Details of his contract are supposedly going to be completed as early as tonight. Good news to hear and hopefully he’ll sign quickly if he is actually going to sign since our squads need to be registered soon for our upcoming Europa League matches. One more thing to mention about Gaxa: he can score.

It is being said that Djebbour will not be sold unless we recieve an offer higher than 2.5 million Euros. Some Italian teams are said to be interested including Fiorentina, while Hamburg have apparently dropped out and will not be showing anymore interest in the Algerian striker.

Karabellas will be out for the match against Vaslui due to injuries, and Juanfran will also be out due to cards picked up last season. Georgeas and Geraldo Alves will cover their positions.

Kafes will also be out for the match against Vaslui due to an injury but he might be back for the match against Olympiakos, so fingers crossed. Nsaliwa will miss the Olympiakos match due to cards.

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