AEK News

Vassilis Pliatsikas, who received some play time with Donis but little with Bajevic is no longer with AEK. Schalke have signed him for a price within the range of 300,000-400,000 euros. Its a good move for him, assuming he manages to impress and therefore earn some playing time. Greeks often seem to play quite well in Germany (Gekas, Liberopoulos, and many others) so hopefully he will play well there as well. He played some decent games with AEK but we never really got to see very much of him. I thought he might have improved well with Bajevic as coach but I guess Bajevic didn’t see him as part of his immediate plans. We do, afterall, have quite a few good players in his position (at least the position he was playing AEK) such as Makos, Kafes, Nsaliwa, and others. It would have been quite hard for him to get much playing time and I doubt he would want to spend a season as a backup in Grece rather than go to Germany, where he would have a chance of playing, or at least being a backup in a world class league. Im sure all of us at AEKArchives, including all the readers, wish him the best of luck for the rest of his career.

Serbian Goalkeeper Milan Lukac has singed officially with AEK. I believe this is a good move for us, with Macho leaving, and he being considered one of the best keepers in Serbia. Hopefully he will prove to a reliable keeper similar to Saja, rather than the unreliable keepers we have seen in the past (Sorrentino, Morreto).

Speaking of Sorrentino, Roma and Genoa (if I remember correctly) are interested in him which would mean that we would recieve 600,000 euros if he were to sign with one of the two because of a clause in his contract.

Preseason training has begun in Athens with numerous health tests taking place. Some pictures can be seen at AEK’s site.


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