AEK Sign Two New Players

We’ve continued our summer transfers after singing Romanian Ilie Iordache (Winger) and Greek Defender Kosta Manola. Manola is the 18 year old nephew of Stelios Manolas. Some are saying that siging of Kostas might conivnce Stelios to stay on board with us, after he clearly stated that he would like to leave. We will have to see, although I believe with Bajevic staying Stelios Manolas will also stay.

I tried looking on youtube for videos of Iordache, who is supposed to have some talent, but could only find two


Hopefully, with Bajevic, he can develop into a talented player and can contribute to our team well this upcoming season. As for Manolas, he played at Thrasivoulos the season before but never caught many people’s attention as being phenominal. But, once again, heopfully he can develop into a good player. Only thing is, he is a centre-back, a position which we are alright with for now. I think we should be focusing on right and left backs for the time being.

Makos is expected to sign tomorrow so we will see!


10 Responses to “AEK Sign Two New Players”

  1. Dikefale21 Says:

    We are actually not ok in the CB department..

    We only have 3 CB’s, Soto, Majs & Alves?

    Manolas is 4th in line i guess but still goo to have him, hopefully he follows in the steps of a certain somebody! XD

  2. Dikefale21 Says:

    Forgot to say Alexopoulos is out for like 6 months! AGAIN!

  3. Another new player might be defender George Ogararu, currently (not)playing for Ajax Amsterdam. Here in The Netherlands it is said that AEK showed interest in the Rumanian player. Ogararu told a Rumaninan sports magazine that he was told that AEK is interested in signing him ‘but nothing is official yet’. Ogararu played most of last season for Steaua Boekarest, after he lost his place on the Dutch team.
    Hopefully AEK will not sign him, he’s absolutely not the best defender I ever saw (and that is an understatement).

  4. Whats he deal with the goalkeeper Milan Lukac?, did we sign him yet?

  5. alexaek Says:

    @Dikefale21. Yeah, hopefully Kostas does follow in the steps of his uncle. With Dusan, and after seeing the progress Kouts made this season, I wouldnt be surprised if we see some promise from him. Although still, I doubt he can make a huge impact at such a young age, and with experience mostly (or only?) at Thrasivoulos.

    Yeah, we aren’t exactly ‘Okay” with centre-back but still, in comparison with left and right back, I think it should be second priority at this exact moment. Yeah, Alexo is out, thats unfortunate since he played some good games this season.

    Still, with Georgeas only being able to do so much (at least he can play both sides) and Kouts, and Juanfran he isnt spectacular, old, and injury prone, I think we should look for at least one solid back up or a starter at both right and left back positions. Im not in any way saying were set with centre backs… hell, what is set at our team right now except DM’s perhaps. We have enough strikers however two of our best both look to be on the way out. At least GKs dont seem to be a problem.

    Also, Dikefale21, are you the same one on the forums?

    Yeah KGB, I saw we were interested in him. Thanks alot for your input, I really appreciate it. I havent seen much of him. As for signing him, well, I hope Dusan makes the right choice but if hes nothing special then perhaps we should look elsewhere rather than having to pay another contract for nothing.

    AEKara, Im pretty sure Lukac signed, although I dont remember seeing anything on AEK’s site, so Im not 100 percent sure.

  6. Diefale21 Says:

    Yeah, thats me on, you in there too?

    Karabelas is a start, but we need 2 starters at RB + LB, Geas and Juan wont do..

    FYI – Makos will sign tommorow, epitelous XD

  7. alexaek Says:

    Yeah, Im on as AEKAlex.

    Juan definately wont do, even when he wasnt injured I wasnt too impressed.

    Georgeas is decent but your right, not as a starter.

    I hope we deal with these positions before Europa League, and certainly before the season. No more late transfers like Pelletierri and Djebbour.

  8. aek21ali Says:

    Alexaek are u the guy on called AEKALex?

  9. alexaek Says:

    Yeah, thats me. Im assuming your the aek21ali thats on as well?

    you just recently joined right?

  10. aek21ali Says:

    yep since i dont know greek 😦 i usauly check, trasnlate sport fm or aek archives

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