AEK News….. where do we start?

Well, we lost to PAO in the final game of the playoffs. AEKMAN74 posted a good review so there isn’t too much to say about it. It was a bit unlucky but I must say that overall, PAO were the more solid team. We started great but that lasted about ten minutes.

This really could be viewed as a good thing. Now, we play in Europa League. At least here, we have a very good chance of making the group stages (only one qualifying round is required), and a fairly good chance of making it quite far in the tournament. This will be good for the team as it brings in needed money (around six million euros if we do fairly good) and it will provide some better and more entertaining football for the fans.

Yesterday, Notias and Thanopoulos had a press conference where they dealt with many issues. Firstly, they dealt with the issue of money. They clearly wanted to reassure the fans and the public that the team’s debt was not 45 million euros like the media had said but a smaller (yet still substantial) 20 million euros (really this isn’t too bad considering teams like Real Madrid have a debt of over 300 million euros). This is a problem which can be dealt with and the presidents also assured the press that as long as they are presidents of the club the dealt will not be getting any larger.

The presidents also told everyone that they will do all they can to satisfy Bajevic and what he thinks the team needs. They will try to secure every player he wants and believes will help the team do well. In fact, weve begun talking with the managers of Makos, Recoba, and Leonardo.

The presidents said they will be paying lower salaries to the players however will offer much higher rewards for god performances. They believe that by doing this we will see the players trying even harder to do their best.

Recoba has said that he likes this idea and will play for a salary if he can get high bonuses. He persoanlly believes that he had two more years left in him and wants to finish them with a competitive club.

It also looks like Bajevic will be staying for at least another year, and we will see what happens after that. The rumors that Manolas quit are still only rumors however the club presidents said that anyone who cannot deal with the pressure is free to leave.

As for Melissanidis we were told that anyone who loves the club and can make a differenc is welcome to join. However, it is now apparantly being confirmed that Melissanidis will not be joining.


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