Blanco’s point blank hiting of the post on 10 min and a typical dubious penalty given to Pao in the 30th min,care of a classical Karagounis “dive”(how are these referee’s so gullible?)were enough to destroy any beleif our players had of securing that Champions League spot.Yes,Pao scored a second goal soon after but by then the damadge had been done.Apart from the 1st 10 min,we rarely threatened in what once again,looked like a team ready for a vacation.Bajevic sprang a selection surprise by starting the youngster with a huge boom on him,Gentzoglou,but really,the ‘kid’ looked a little overawed by the occasion.Apart from that,Koutromanos and georgeas did as best as could,kyriakos looked short of match fitness and it showed,Majstorovic was once again a liability,Kafes and Scocco were quiet apart from Scocco’s shot blocked by Galinovic in the 9th min,Blanco looked deapaired after his miss and ineffectual from here on,Djebbour,well,i think we need another striker next year.We also need 2 fullbacks,left and right, a centre back with pace to partner Kiriakos,a defensive midfielder similar to a Gilberto from Pao and at least a striker,who is “nippy” around the box.I beleive the team next year should be based around the following,Saja,Kyriakos,Kafes,Scocco Blanco,Gentzoglou,Koutromanos,Tachtzidis,Pliatsikas,Rikka,Lagos,
Burns,Paulis.The youngsters in particular have plenty of promise.I know i have not included some players such as Manducca,Peletierri,Edinho etc,but honestly if we are to compete for anything,the cupboards need cleaning.


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