AEK Updates

Well, some good news today. Firstly, Saja has officially singed on for another three years! This is great to see. He has proven himself to be right for the job and hopefully we’ll see another three solid years.

It is almost certain now that Kyrgiakos and Kafes will play this weekend. This is great news for every AEK fan, and it should greatly increase our chances of winning the game against Panathinaikos this weekend.

Some other news that some of you might have heard about lately is the Katsouranis transfer. For those of you havent there is a big deal going on here right now in Greece involving Katsouranis, AEK, Panathinaikos, Benfica, and even FIFA (although there really is not much FIFA can do).Basically, Katsouranis is being released a year before his contract with Benfica expires. This means that he can go for free and AEK will be missing out on five million euros they would have gotten had he not been released for free.It looks, at this moment, that he might be going to PAO or AEK. AEK have tried to get FIFA involved because they do not think that what Benfica is doing is right, and I agree, but there isn’t anything AEK or FIFA can do about it.

Alot of people are saying there are some “under the table” deals going on here. Really, at this moment in time, they are all just rumors and only time will tell what will happen.

More details here:


2 Responses to “AEK Updates”

  1. aekman74 Says:

    great news about Saja,i was sceptical at the start of the season,but he’s proven his worth time and time again.Hopefully Katsouranis comes back,him and Kafes would be a brilliant patnership in the middle,can’t see him going to Pao,he’s AEKARA,through and through,now a victory in a few hours for champions league in August and the weekend will have finished perfectly!

  2. alexaek Says:

    Yeah, I really think Saja has proven himself to be a great keeper, and reliable. Reliability was something that was lacking last year with Moretto especially.

    We’ll see about Katsouranis. I agree, I mean, I always thought he was an AEKara, I could never have imagined him going to another team.

    By the way, some other AEK news not related to the football team, the AEK handball team is in the Greek Cup Final which will be played today. A win there and tonight at OAKA will be fantastic.

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