Huge Win for AEK in Thessaloniki

AEK managed to beat PAOK 1-0 in a sold out Toumba satidum.

This is another great result for us and hopefully we will win the next three matches which will guarantee us a Champions League qualifying spot. Our two toughest games (in theory) are now over and we managed to come out with four out of a total of six possible points from the two fixtures.

AEK played the final five minutes of the match with only nine players after Hetemaj had been sent off for his second yellow a little while after Georgeas was also sent off for collecting two yellows. Nonetheless, we managed to hold off the many PAOK attacks and grab on to those three valuable points.

AEK’s goal came in the first period, a well placed header by Blanco off of a Djebbour (if I remember correctly) cross. Both teams had many close chances and the score really could have ended up 3-1 for either side.

The match coverage of the match over the internet was of very low quality so I could only really catch the highlights show and listen to it on the radio. However, it seems like we played a decent game and I believe we should have a decent chance of winning against PAOK in our own home in the middle of the week.

The atmsophere in Toumba was incredible, even during the heavy rain. The stadium was filled completely and the singing was constant. Hopefully, although I doubt it, we will get a decent crowd in Athens on Wednesday as well.

Panathinaikos managed to beat Larissa 3-1 on Sunday and Larissa did not look to be in their best form which should be good news for us this weekend (although they did become much more dangerous in the second half when Gianakopoulos entered).


One Response to “Huge Win for AEK in Thessaloniki”

  1. aekman74 Says:

    excellent win and a much more aek like performance,everyone played well,Manduca has suddenly come out of his shell,Djebbour was far more involved today and his link up play with Blanco was pleasing.Saja,once again a saviour,Koutromanos,Georgias very busy down the flanks,Nsaliwa and Kafes controlled the midfield,Kafes in particular was strong until replaced with injury.

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