AEK start play-offs with a win…

Aek secured their first win in the play-offs for second spot and a chance for Chmpions League qualification,coming from behind twice.Blanco scored the winner with a penalty in the 79th min after Dabizas handballed in the box.Our other scorers were Pavlis in the 14 th min with a lovely header from the 6 yd box making it 1-1,Manduca also came up with a rare goal in the 40th min levelling the score at 2-2,a beautiful shot from the 18 yd box.Highlights and goals can be found here


3 Responses to “AEK start play-offs with a win…”

  1. gtmanleg Says:

    Good start! I would really like to win this thing, but at least securing second will set us up for a deeper cup run.

  2. alexaek Says:

    Yeah, its a good start in theory. Were in a good position, and second at least looks quite possible (although first will require a miracle).

    But that game was extremely dissapointing. Okay, we got the three points, but just barely. Our offence was good. Blanco had a great game and has improved incredibly (and he was already great when we got him) under Bajevic. He contributes so much to the team, not only offensively, but he also gets back, his ball contol has improved drastically, his eye for the game has improved, and he is now beggining to set up many plays.

    Pavlis had some great runs, one of which could of resulted in a goal had he not been tackled. He also scored a nice goal.

    Manduca scored a nice goal, and helped a little, but I still doubt he has persuaded Bajevic to hold on to him.

    Scocco was fantastic, like last week. He can control the ball and read the play so well, as if its easier than walking for him.

    The rest of the midfield was allright, but far from what we need. Kafes put on another good performance, but this wasn’t Nsaliwa’s best game.

    The defence today was absolutely horrible. Firstly, Nsiambamfomou started. The kid had a huge amount of pressure to cope with, and was probably quite stressed. It was his mistake which led to the second Larissa goal. It wasn’t a great performance from him, and he will need to improve much if he is to stay, however, it was his first game against tough opposition (escept the Ergotelis game), and he did alright. Hopefully, he will improve and we will see more of him. He’ll definately need to play some friendlies this summer.

    Alexopoulos did alright, with some nice tackles and headers. But, his positioning wasn’t the greatest. However, considering he is still meant as a backup, his performance was alright. It must be tough filling Kyrgiakos’ shoes.

    Majstorovic was a nightmare. Two of his mistakes almost led to goals, and for some reason, he thought he had the ball control of Maradonna and was trying to hold on for way to long rather than getting the ball up. He will need to change his attitude for next game.

    Geraldo is doing alright considering left back his not his main position. He did provide us with some nice and critical tackles. I would feel more confortable with Juanfran there, but since that’s not an option we’ll survive with Geraldo.

    Saja was great, saved what he could, too bad he didn’t have a great defence to help him out a bit.

    Our subs were Edinho, Georgeas, and Tachtsidis. Tachtsidis came on late so we didnt see much of him. Eidnho was useless, and did nothing except wait for the ball to go to him, quite the opposite of Blanco, who was everywhere. I dont know whats happened. Edinho used to be one our best players, and one of the best in the Superleague when he first arrived in Greece. Now, ever since the Portugal call up, I believe, he hasn’t been performing to his maximum poetential. He did have one great chance. Blanco gained control of the ball with a nice little flick on the counter attack, then crossed it, out of reach of the defenders, to Scocco, who was running up the centre, who then fed Edi a perfect pass. All Edi had to do was get the ball in the net but unfortunately he was moving fast, and those one on ones with the keeper aren’t always as easy as they seem to score.

    Georgeas made a massive difference when he came on. He provided some nice runs down the right flank, and played with passion, as he always does. Not much more to say about him. Definately the best guy we have right now for right back (and left back, however, we cant yet clone him, so Geraldo will have to cover left for now).

    Well, Wednesday we have the toughest match of the playoffs in my opinion. Our chances of winning this one extremely small. But who knows. Thats what I was thinking before the Cup Final and then look what happened. We’ll see.

  3. gtmanleg Says:

    Thanks for the insight. I didn’t see the match and clearly the win came a bit lucky looking at the goal scoring times. I really would like to see at least a 2nd place finish, but as you said, 1st may be a tough go.

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