AEK News

Well, alot has been going on with this secret letter which was released earlier this week regarding the financial status of AEK. There is so much to say that it cannot all be discussed in here, and, unfortunately, there are no links in english that I can find relating to the story.

Basically, Melissanidis will have to take over soon or the team might not make it through this. Some people are saying the debt is over 30 million euros (this could be an essageration). If this is the case, AEK is without a doubt in the darkest period of its mostly beautiful history. There are might be some other options other than Melissanidis, but he is the one being discussed most lately. However, he apparently will not take over the club if it is in debt.

Well, we will just have to see and wait. It would help if the fans living in Greece, who say they love the club, actually do come out on the weekends to support the team. This year’s attendances for most games were pathetically low.

Another issue regarding the leaked letter is the question of “who might have released this and why?”, especially four days before the Cup Final. There are so many theories around that it is impossible to decided who, and what their motives were.

Cup news now. Our midfield will most certainly be Kafes, Nsaliwa, and Pelletieri. Ahead of them will be Scocco. Now, what to do with the forwards is what Bajevic is having trouble with at the moment. Blanco will start, but who will start along with him is whats troubling Dusan. Djebbour has not been giving his all at practices lately, so it is not yet sure whether he will start. Personally, I think Edinho should come on as a sub since he always tends to play better then.

The defence is a bit of a trouble spot as well. With Juanfran out, the options are either to let Alves play left and Georgeas right, or Georgeas left, and Gentzoglou right. We will have to wait and see what Bajevic decides on.

The Playoff schedule has also been released.


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