Ergotelis 1-1 AEK

Well, we got a draw. Not a fantastic result, considering Blanco had a penalty saved (had he scored he would have finished top scorer), but, whether we got a loss, draw, or win would have had no impact on our position in the standings.

With regards to the game, well, it was quite dissapointing, considering the fact that the Cup Final is less than a week away. To be quite honest, I really dont see us having a chance of winning if we play like we did yesterday.

It is important to note however, that we had many starters out of the main lineup including Pelletieri, Scocco, and Kyrgiakos. Thankfully, it seems that we always play better when Kyrgiakos plays, so hopefully his performance will be as good as it was before his injury come the Cup Final.

There is not much to report from this game. I actually didnt manage to watch the game much, but from what I saw it showed little promise.

Edihno came on as a sub and scored, as he often has this season.

AEK scored late in the game, and Ergotelis scored shortly after that.

Oh well, at this point, all we can do is pray and hope for a positive result on Saturday, however unlikely it may seem.


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