AEK Cup Final News and Greek All-Star Game

EPO has said that AEK will be the home team for this year’s cup final. This is good news for AEK, and hopefully it will mean we get to choose our gates (AEK wants gates 1-35, a significant portion of OAKA, about half), our locker rooms, and whether our fans arrive by train (instead of busses).

A meeting was held between the two participating teams and EPO regarding the Cup Final, however, Olympiakos representatives failed to attend. Another meeting will be held soon regarding safety.

The squads have been announce for the upcoming All-Star game. AEK coach Dousan Bajevic along with former AEK coach Fernando Santos will manage the team with the foreign players, which will include Saja, Majstorovic, and Blanco.

EDIT: It now sounds like Bajevic has quitted for personal reasons, so Santos will be manager.

The Greek squad will include AEK centre back Kyrgiakos.

The game will be this coming Wednesday in Larissa at 6 o’clock Greek Time.

AEK play Aris tonight in the last regular season game at home, a day before AEK’s “birthday”. Hopefully we’ll get the win, even though our form lately hasn’t been great.

Edinho, surpirisingly, has been included in the roster for toight’s game. Maybe we will see him play afterall.

EDIT: I must have read something wrong, because gates 1-35 would have meant the entire stadium. Perhaps it was gates 1 and 35, which are occupied by Original21.


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