AEK 0-1 Aris

The final home game of the regular season ended in disappointment for AEK after they lost 1-0 to Aris, the first time Aris had gotten an away win against AEK since 1989.

Edinho started the match in the end, along side Blanco. Unfortunately, however, neither he nor Blanco could do much to get the ball in the net. Aris’ defence was solid throughout the game and made it very hard for AEK to penetrate. Many of AEK’s chances came from set pieces, however, none managed to yield anything.

The starting lineup was Saja, Alves, Alexopoulos, Majstorovic, Juanfran, Nsaliwa, Scocco, Kafes, Tachtsidis, Edinho, and Blanco.

Georgeas didnt play due to cards, and Kyrgiakos and Djebbour were injured.

Unfortunately our defence is clearly lacking stability due to the absence of Kyrgiakos, as well as, in today’s case, Georgeas. Alexopoulos is a decent back up however cannot be a long term replacement for Kyrgiakos. However, he was not the main problem with our defence today. We simply left men open in front of the goal on more than one occasions (Aris could have scored another two from men who were left wide open in front of the net), partly due to our defence not being able to get back in time on Aris’ quick counter attacks.

The midfield today was not at its best. Tachtsidis, perhaps due to a lack of confidence, seems to scared to run with the ball and always looks to cross, even when he has time to control. Scocco did the best he could today however the Aris defence kept shutting him down. Kafes, along with Nsaliwa, was forced to hang back and support the defence at times. Kafes did not provide much to the game today, and it certainly was not his best performance. Nsaliwa played a decent game, and came close to scoring a beauty of a goal.

Unfortunately, our defence just couldn’t build any good plays with Aris’ defence cutting us down constantly and then attacking on the counter attack.

Overall, it was not AEK’s best game, and certainly not the best weve seen since Bajevic has taken over. The first half was a terrible display overall by AEK, and the second half was a slight improvement, at least in terms of the offence and midfield. Luck was not on AEK’s side today for the offence, however, we were certainly lucky not to have conceeded more today.

Both Juanfran and Geraldo Alves were injured today and we will know tomorrow how bad their injuries are.


2 Responses to “AEK 0-1 Aris”

  1. aekman74 Says:

    Happy Easter festivities to all aek fans around the world.watched the 1st half and then fell asleep,literally,as we get the games between 2 and 4 in the morning.However,it could well have been our football,as watching AEK play lately is extremely frustrating.The main problem i see at the moment is our distribution from the back.All 4 defenders constantly gave away possesion,never giving our midfield(which yesterday wasn’t much better) a chance to create any penetration or chances for Blanco or Edinho.Bajevic needs to find a solution and quickly before the cup final.

  2. Yeah, I agree about distribution from the back. I think this is due to Georgeas not playing and Kyrgiakos’ injury. Georgeas is able to carry the ball up the wings much better than Alves, has much more speed, and can make decent crosses. Kyrgiakos is confident and experienced and is able to make those passes. Alexopoulos is meant to be a once in a while back, hasnt played much at all this season, and is now having to replace Kyrgiakos, one of the best centre backs in Greece. Alexopoulos clearly cannot replace him, even though he is doing a decent job. As a defender he is good and reliable, but he lacks the confidence, I think, that Kyrgiakos and Majstorovic dont. Alexo would always look for the back pass, or a pass to the left or right backs, rather than passing upwards.

    In Bajevic We Trust, and I hope he can find a solution by time the Cup Final arrives.

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